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Recap: There’s No Place Like Home

Wow. I had such a good time in Florida.

I visited Florida two weekends ago. It is where I grew up and I had two reasons for going. First, it was my dad’s birthday and I couldn’t tell you how old he turned because even he doesn’t remember (fifty seven or fifty eight?). The other reason was because my best friend was having an engagement party. This trip was very different from my last trips. I had very little plans; this was a real vacay. I got my nails done, or did, I worked out past 7a.m., and spent a lot of money on me. There were a lot of shining moments during the four days I was in the humid state (that’s what I call Florida) but two will remain bright.

florida recap 2

I usually visit Mishka, the woman who taught me how to sew and the owner of the tailor shop I worked at for three years, but when I was home for Christmas, she was on vacation and I didn’t get to see her. Even though we talk on the phone regularly, we had not been face to face in over six months. It was wonderful to be with her and in her presence. She’s absolutely nuts and nobody understands her like I do. She can go from tears to laughing to hootin and hollering in a matter of seconds but somehow the cosmos brought us together six years ago and we have been close buddies since.

florida recap 3

The other highlight was attending an antique car show. I bet you didn’t know this but I have a thing for cars. Seriously. Before sewing was my hobby, I raced cars at a track in Florida called Moroso. Yep, you bet I was burning the clutch at the age of sixteen! So going to the car show was like going to a candy store – I was on a sugar high. Mustangs, GTO’s, Tigers, Beetles, Corvettes, Porsches – they were all there and from all the sweetest decades. My brother, my dad, and I went and we had a blast talking hemis, Lee Iacocca, pony cars, and other nerdy, automotive stuff.

florida recap 4

It won’t be long before I’ll be back in Florida but I don’t know if any future trips will compare to this one.


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    You are full of surprises Maddie! How wonderful!

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    Vacations are so much better when you actually vacate one area and enjoy another. It was great to share time with you.

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    Carlee McTavish

    I did not know you raced cars! Your cool factor just went up by about 100 points in my books! Hahaha

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    So glad you had a great time in Florida! Who knew you were a car enthusiast! I grew up around vintage cars too.

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    Reana Louise

    Such beautiful photos! The newfound trivia of you being a car enthusiast just makes me like you more!

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    Crystal Turpin

    These photos are awesome and I can’t even drive a clutch (my parents didn’t think girls should learn….how lame is that) so the fact that you raced cars is AMAZING! I want to learn someday…one day….but I have never gotten the chance to master the clutch.

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    Maycie After Five

    Ha! My husband forgets how old he’s turning every year too. It’s sort of hilarious.

    Mishka sounds like one cool lady! It’s true, there really is no place like home. I’m happy you had fun.

    Anyway, have a good weekend Maddie!

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