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Ford Falcon

I was watching The Help Sunday evening when Emma Stone (Skeeter) hopped into and drove off in one of these – a Ford Falcon. I may love clothes but I sure do love cars (almost as much). Just like a vintage dress, handbag, or pair of shoes, vintage cars never go out of style.
The Falcon, popular in the late 1950s and 1960s for its family-oriented design (big enough to seat a family of six) and fuel economy, was the bases of the Ford Mustang. When Lee Iacocca crafted the Mustang, he used many of the Falcon’s parts. And you can see the Mustang’s characteristic long hood and short body design (a key feature of Pony Cars) in the Falcon. Kind of neat, right?

Click here or here or here for a more detailed history of the Ford Falcon

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