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My loves, are you up to anything fun and exciting this weekend? Anything earth-shattering or earth-shaking? Last weekend, I started drafting the pattern for the dress I’ll be wearing two friends’ wedding and got into the zone. You know… that mental place we all go into when we have are in the midst of the project – eating, sleeping, and dreaming of the project. Where will I put the zipper? How will I finish the hem? If you could only see my desk right now… post-its galore (my OCD is coming out and shining bright). After a minor hiccup in the drafting pattern process, I plan to finish the draft and at least cut the fabric for the 1st fit. And of course, in the midst of my cutting, slashing and opening, and pinning, I will make time for some good movies (Saturday Night Fever? Charley Bartlett?), sushi, and maybe a pit stop at a vintage store or two. Lovely…

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