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Gallery: November Vibes


Thank goodness fall has been unseasonably warm. Being from Florida, I struggle during winter. Temperatures get bitter, the days get shorter, and my mood plummets. When I get low, I know exactly why, and I know it sounds cheesy, but I remind myself that one, it’s a fleeting feeling, and two, there are many things I should be grateful for:

1. @friendsfavs
2. Netflix Anonymous – the addiction is real.
3. Shawn Mendes new song, Stitches – he’s talking about sewing. Duh.
3. My homeboys, Sage + Basil.
4. Healthy, pending #2.
5. Christmas is in 5 weeks!

Obviously, my priorities are all in check ✔️✔️✔️

november-web-2 november-web-3 november-web-4 november-web-5 november-web-6november-web-additionss-1 november-web-additions-1Here in Philly, we are at the tail end of peak foliage. Some leaves are still on trees, but most have fallen. The past few weeks have been so colorful – orange, red, yellow, green and sometimes purple. Fall is way more colorful than summer, which I think is ironic. But in a few weeks – maybe as soon as next week – it will be barren and sparse. We’ll go from full saturation to no color at all. Ugh.

My personality changes with the season. Like many people, I’m more outgoing during the summer and reflective and meditative during the winter. It’s crazy how transient personality can be – how who you are can change all because of that thing called weather.

Thanksgiving is next week – isn’t that crazy? Cray cray. For the first time, I’m not going home. One, because I’ll be going home longer for Christmas, and two, I want to spend it with my Aunt Ginny, who is like my second mother here. Wonder where that tree fort is? It’s in her backyard. It’s awesome. Just awesome. The perfect place to watch the world go by. We don’t have any plans. Maybe see a movie? It’s great to have a holiday with no expectations.

I’ve stayed true to my word by spending time, however brief, doing the things that feed my creativity. Sewing, scrapbooking, journaling, photographing. No expectation and no purpose. These pictures are a hodgepodge of what my life has entailed recently. Some make sense, like the foliage, but some don’t. I took a picture of a cow? Because why not?!

november-web-9 november-web-7 november-web-8 november-web-addition-1 november-web-10 november-web-11 november-web-12 november-web-13


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    love the pics and the treehouse. I hope its nice enough you can sit up there at least for desert!

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      Throw in some wine and I could be there for days!

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