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Giveaway: Sora Designs

sora designs

Me-made is a word we all love. Considering this is a sewing blog, that’s a give in. Today, I’m hosting a giveaway that is very much in line with that word. Sora Designs is offering a necklace to one lucky reader – one that says “I like you today”.

Before I get to contest entry, let me talk a little bit about Wen, the shop owner. Before starting her online store, she was a senior research analyst for the Judicial Council of California. Her role was to provide evidence-based research data to support policy making in the judicial council in the areas of family lay and juvenile delinquency and dependency court administration. VERY different from what she is doing now, and very inspirational as well.  Last year, I left a very secure corporate job to pursue my passion, Madalynne, full time. Wen is an example that I can do this whole entrepreneurship thing.

Want to get your hands on this necklace? Head on over to my Instagram to enter the contest.

sora_designs_madalynne-2sora designs

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