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Giveaway: Sora Designs “Handmade” + “Sewing Necklace”


We all love handmade items. That’s a give in. Duh! Well, today I am hosting a giveaway that is very much in line with that word. Sora Designs is offering two necklaces to one lucky reader – one that says “handmade” and one that says “sewing”. They’re different lengths, one is long and one is short (click here to see), so you can wear them together. Umm... I’m SUPER jealous of whoever wins!

Before I get to contest entry, let me talk a little bit about the shop. Wen is the owner and in her previous life, she was a senior research analyst for the Judicial Council of California. Her role was to provide evidence-based research data to support policy making in the judicial council in the areas of family lay and juvenile delinquency and dependency court administration. It’s VERY different from what she is doing now, and very inspirational, especially since this month, I’ll be making a huge transition myself. I’ll be leaving my day job to pursue my passion, Madalynne, full time. Finally! That’s a different post for a different day that is coming very soon.

To enter, either follow Madalynne on Instagram here, follow Sora Designs here, or sign up for my newsletter, which you can do so on the right hand side or on the bottom of this blog. Contest opens immediately and will end on Saturday, July 16. After, leave a comment below. If you’re already signed up for both, not problem, just let me know below. Last, contest is open internationally. Good luck!


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    I am signed up and excited for the opportunity! Best of luck on your upcoming change.

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      Jessie Turner

      I’m signed up and very exicted! I hope I win. The necklaces are beautiful and are another way to advertise our passions.

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    Marie Biswell

    Oh my goodness, she certainly has found her calling as those necklaces (& all of her work) are brilliant.
    …following both on ig now, thanks for the new ig drool worthiness eyecandy!

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    Ella Wong (@ellabwong)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve just followed you on IG.

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    I’ve just followed Sora designs and I already follow you/am signed up to your newsletter

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    I am now following both of you on IG! Love your work.

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    Linda Gayton

    Signed up for both on Instagram. Have been receiving your newsletter. Thank you for the brilliant giveaway. Blessings…

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    Hi, it is really beautiful work! Good luck with your transition too!
    I signed up for the newsletter

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    Already follow you and now Sora Designs too. Thanks for a lovely giveaway and good luck in your new venture. X

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    These are beautiful! I follow you on Instagram and appreciate the chance to win!

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    I am following both of you on IG. These necklaces are gorgeous! Just what I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing he lovely shop with us.

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    Wow, gorgeous necklaces! I’m now following Sora Designs on IG & I’m already following Madalynne on everything else! Good luck with your new direction & welcome to the world of the self employed! Hopefully it’ll get you back to the UK soon Claire

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      I hope so too! I miss London everyday!

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    Beautiful necklaces!! I was already following you in Instagram, so now I follow Sora Designs too. She makes amazing things!
    And, of course, I wish you the best of luck in your new venture!! 🙂

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    Sally N

    Those necklaces are divine! Following on IG

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    I’m new to lingerie making and find your whole journey so inspirational, all the best with your latest step!

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    What a great giveaway! I regularly dream of giving up my day job to follow my new passion (my day job used to be just that). I’ve followed Sora Designs on IG and signed up for your newsletter! I was already following you on IG.

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    Susan Israel

    Beautiful! I am excited for the opportunity to win!

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    Kayla Marie Herrell

    I am following both your IG and newsletter.

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    Just started following both on ig! Excited for your new opportunity!!

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    Absolute love. I already follow you and get your newsletter but now I’m excited

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    Following both on IG! Love both of your work!!!! ❤️

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    Love your work and the necklaces! Following you for a while on ig 🙂

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    Kelly Thomas-Booth

    I’m following both of you in IG and blog. This necklaces are gorgeous. Great combination on this project. Sexy lingerie and a beautiful necklace to boot. Definitely can’t put a foot wrong with this

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    Signed up for the newsletter. I love your stuff!

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    Have been following your blog for awhile. Have admired your Noelle but haven’t had a chance to make it yet. Love the necklaces too. Wow what a leap of faith for a totally new direction. Sometimes we just need to push ourselves out of a rut and find a new path to make ourselves feel fulfilled.

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    Genya Kulakov

    These necklaces are divine! Would be great to participate in the giveaway!

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    I follow you all around 🙂 Your photos are always so pretty! Thanks for the encouragement and free pattern, I cNt wait to try it out!

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    Following you both!
    Absolutely adore both of your pages x

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    Amelia Edwards

    I follow both of you on IG! I am an artist and sewer and absolutely love your work it’s beautiful!

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    p sertzen

    I follow both of you on IG!

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    How exciting! I have already signed up for your newsletter.
    Such a lovely giveaway.

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    Thank so much for the chance to win these gorgeous necklaces!

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    Audra Deemer

    Following both in IG and get your newsletter, thanks!

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    Tara Malinowski

    Following.. these are gorgeous!

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    So inspired by your work!

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    Karen Caron

    The necklaces are awesome! I am following both on IG. Thanks for the chance!

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    They are beautiful! I am already signed up and following you both on instagram 🙂

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    I follow it all. Beautiful necklaces, thanks for the giveaway!

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    Already a follower! These are beautiful.

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    So simple yet so elegant I love these necklaces. I also enjoy reading about your lingerie journey.

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    I love the modern simp!I city of the necklaces. I am currently following you on Instagram and subscribed to your newsletter.

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    Congratulations on your transition to doing what you love full time. That’s an awesome accomplishment! I can’t wait to read all about it!

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    mz. katness

    Can’t believe I wasn’t following you on Instagram, but I am now!!

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    Followed you both on instagram! Thank you!

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    Signed up for news letter! Entered in give-away!

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    Following both of you and get your newsletter! Thanks for sharing this jewelry maker- cool stuff!

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    Boheme Noire

    I’m signed up to your newsletter and follow both Instagram accounts . these necklaces are beautiful and I would love to wear either one!

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    1plus2momMelissa Lewis

    Beautiful! I am following both on IG and already receive the newsletter.

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    Kay Ellen Shores

    Just started following both in Instagram! Love her work!

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    Kaylee B.

    Thanks for hosting this Maddie! these necklaces are beyond beautiful! I’m already following you on IG and get your newsletter! So I just followed Sora on IG 🙂

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    What a lovely giveaway, those necklaces are gorgeous! I already follow you on IG, and just signed up to your newsletter too.

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    Follow you on IG, signed up for newsletter. Exciting times ahead…

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    Laura Schroeder

    Fingers crossed, thank you.

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    Been following you on instantaneous for some time.
    Lovely necklaces!

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    Best of luck with Madalynne full-time! Must be scary and I wish you all the best.

    The necklaces are gorgeous. Following both IG. (Belleisbeautiful)

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    Just found your blog as I was searching how to solve for a sewing problem I was having and love it! I signed up for the newsletter.

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    These necklaces are so awesome! I’ve followed you on Instagram for a while and have now signed up for the newsletter.

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    Jamie DeLaCruz

    Beautiful necklaces and I love your blog!

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    So pretty (sew pretty?). Would love to win! I’m now following on IG 🙂

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    Karin Shaim

    follow both on ig username @wonderwall601

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    Signed up! I love your website and your designs! Just now started sewing the beautiful sierra pattern for a friend of mine! Thank you so much!
    I would love to win the necklaces! 😉

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    Signed up! Thanks so much for running this giveaway, and best of luck in your job transition!

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    Already a newsletter subscriber, just added you on ig! I absolutely love both your and Sora’s works. Hope to start on my own Noelle soon c:

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    Hi this is Wen from Sora Designs. Thanks everyone for following on IG. Maddie just notified me about the winner. It’s Caitlyn. Congratulations!!

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    Thank you for the giveaway. I just signed up!

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