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Guest Post: Clare Mountain of threadBEAR

I avidly read comments on my post. After a post goes live, I check hourly to read responses and opinions and I respond to all of them I think warrants a response. It’s the telltale sign of a good blogger and a blogger who cares. Not too long ago, oh I’d say at the beginner of this summer, I noticed a recurring commenter. Her name was Clare and she always had something nice to say. Actually, her comments were usually accompanied with many exclamation points (we bloggers love those; even more so, we love emoji’s). After a couple of comments, I checked her out. Not to my surprise – because good bloggers attract other good bloggers – she had an uber cool blog and an even more amazing shop. She’s from London so she naturally has chic style (are you in love with her tatoos as much as me?) but her wears are magical. In my opinion, it’s the accoutrements that layered onto an outfit that makes an outfit. Clare’s bow ties, crochet collars and necklaces, and crochet and woven necklaces have the power to do this.

Being the good blogger that I try to be, I emailed her. My one email turned into several and before you knew it, we had planned a guest post for each others sites. So please join me in welcoming Clare…

Hello lovely Madalynne readers! My name is Clare Mountain, and I am the designer/blogger at ThreadBEAR, a whimsical fiber jewellery and accessories label based in England. I am so excited to be sharing with you today.

So… about me. My knit obsession began at the age of 8 when my Nannan taught me to knit, and many years later, it led me to a fashion knitwear degree, of which I am about to start my final year – exciting stuff! I launched ThreadBEAR in May this year, when I found that my daydreaming wasn’t fitting into my head anymore, and I just had too many designs to use on myself alone! What a joy it is; designing and making all day long.

Today, I am showing you a few of the many ways you can style up my lovely Peter Pan Collar in Grey Stripes. Collars are surprisingly versatile, aren’t they?! They look great with so many different outfits, whether you are wearing them for work or play, and they are an awesome way to revive an old dress. This particular collar is one of my absolute favourite, and an accessory that I wear a LOT!

This outfit for work is so very simple, yet it looks really elegant. Paired with my favourite silk shift dress, the attention is on the collar, giving my dress a pretty, retro feel. The gradient from deep charcoal to cream works really well against the backdrop of the black dress.

It looks adorable when worn with other knits, especially when the weather starts to get a little cooler. Here, I am wearing it with my sparkly new jumper and skinny jeans. It looks pulled together and stylish, but it’s also super comfortable. This is the kind of outfit I’d wear going for a cup of tea with friends.

My final outfit shows how I have styled my collar with a block colour dress. The neutral colourway means that this collar can be worn with pretty much any colour you like! I love it with this vibrant orange. Perfect for going out dancing in!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at how you can style my Peter Pan Collar in Grey Stripes. I would love to hear about how you would style yours. Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!



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    I love this! So cute.

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    Totally adorable! I especially love the bright look – and that sweater!

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    Clare from Threadbear is so quirky and I love her style. Thanks for sharing her blog!!

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    Amanda Russell

    I agree, it’s so important to me to respond to every comment on my own blog, and I really appreciate bloggers like yourself, who care that much as well 🙂 Clare is indeed super stylish; I can see why you two clicked! You both have a whimsical, easy style that is unique and yet natural 🙂 Love the collar styled with the elegant black dress! 🙂

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    Camelia Crinoline

    Clare’s stuff is fabulous. I love the bowties, and the ways she styled the crochet collar here look great.

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    i love all of these styles! she is just too cute!
    checking out her cute shop now!
    xo TJ

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    aw, what a lovely little collar! so darling 🙂 xx

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    I always have trouble styling peter pan collars, but this is so inspiring! Definitely checking out the Etsy site right now 🙂


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    Very cool! Love Clare’s blog– thanks for sharing!

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    Kelli Murray

    such a great collar! Just stumbled upon your blog. Loving it 🙂 xo

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