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Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes

This post is part of a series on European style and fashion. Click here to read more about Becky and how this series began.

Hi Friends,

My wanderlust has taken me to Central Europe, specifically Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is stunningly beautiful. It looks as though I’m living in a fairytale. I’m seriously waiting for the townspeople to pop out of windows and start singing like in Beauty and the Beast. We’ve even got a castle, y’all! Prague was barely touched during the war, so most of the buildings date back centuries. It’s pretty incredible to be walking down 1,000 year-old streets.

I’ve come to find out that as old as the city is, the fashion scene is actually very young. It really took off in the 1990s after the revolution. So I decided to get to the root of Czech fashion by finding out more about one of the most well known designers in the city.

Denisa Nova started her fashion house in 1999 in the city of Brno, the second largest (next to Prague) in the Czech Republic. This is where her studio and factory still remains. In 2003 she opened her showroom in Prague, in a great space tucked off of a tiny little street near the Old Town. Denisa is considered the oldest generation of Czech fashion designers and she’s barely even 40! It goes to show just how young the fashion industry is here. She has a very clean and minimalist style, making her the only Czech designer with this aesthetic. The younger generations of designers here in Prague tend to go for busy prints and bright colors. Denisa sticks to solid and muted color pallets, drawing focus to the beautiful construction of her pieces. This gives her collections a classic and easy to wear appeal.

Denisa has been featured in Elle, Bazaar, InStyle, and Czech Republic’s own fashion magazine DolceVita. She has shown collections in Shanghai, Vienna, Paris, and New York, proving that Czech fashion is a force to be reckon with. Her current Spring/Summer collection I saw in the showroom is stunning; clean lines, flattering shapes, and comfy fabrics. I almost wore an amazing rose pleated skirt right out the door!
Seeing Denisa’s work really gave me a new impression on fashion here in Prague. The industry here is really just a toddler compared to the fashion industry in the US. With talented designers like Denisa Nova, the Czech Republic has quite the foundation to build off of and I’m excited to see where it goes.

I’m taking a weekend trip to Vienna and am excited to see what the students at the Fashion Institute there have to offer in terms of street style.


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    I have never been to Prague, but all the people I know that have been have LOVED it. Lots of narrow, cobbled streets and beautiful architecture. It does make me want to go!
    I love that you researched into Denisa Nova. I haven’t heard of her before, but it’s really interesting to hear all about the blossoming Czech fashion industry!

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    Yay for Prague! We were married there and it was our first real home together for 3 years. I remember when this store front opened and how rare it was to see a Czech and not French boutique. Hope there is more to come!

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      That’s incredible that you lived in Vienna! I’m super jealous! Why on earth did you come back to the States? I totally would have stayed!

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