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Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes!

This post is part of a series on European style and fashion. Click here to read more about Becky and how this series began.

Hello friends,

Boy, has it been a stressful week! I got a bad case of bed bugs and my travel companion, Hallie, broke her toe. This all happened while we were without hot water and internet for about 5 days. Needless to say, we were beat down. Luckily, we were leaving Prague for the weekend and escaping to Vienna, Austria.
Vienna has a very Western European feeling to it, even though it’s smack dab in the middle of Europe. It’s captivating. Lucky for me, Summer of Fashion, a very popular fashion event in Vienna, was being held from June 14th to September 16th . The Museumsquartier, where the majority of the city’s museums are located, was featuring tons of different fashion related exhibits, fashion shows, films, tours, and more. I checked out the amazing exhibit “Technosensual” at the Freiraum Quartier21.
The exhibit featured pieces that combined technology and fashion by designers predominantly from the Netherlands. It also raised the question of what will we wear when technology has fully taken over our lives. Will fashion be purely aesthetic? Or will it be physically aware of its surroundings and the person wearing it? It’s kind of a scary concept but if you really think about it, we shape technology just as much as it shapes us.

All of the garments were beautifully constructed but three stood out from the rest. The first was called the “Paparazzi Lover” dress. Located in a dark space, the dress lit up when a viewer takes a picture using a flash. This interactivity is what appealed to me most.
My second favorite piece was the “Pseudomorphs” dress. A self-dying dress, it had a neckpiece that would start to bleed ink as soon as someone interacted with the dress, meaning the pattern and color constantly changed. Neath, huh?

The “Bubelle” dress was one of the most impressive and conceptual. With biometric sensors in the dress that read heart rate, respiration, and galvanic skin responses, the dress could convey the emotional state of the person wearing it. The 18 miniature projectors in the dress would change the color and intensity depending on the intensity of the emotion. Can you imagine wearing that on a first date, getting nervous, and having your dress blush for you? Insane.
Although most of these dresses were better suited for Lady Gaga than myself, I still was fascinated by the thought and skill that went into making these garments.

Vienna surprised me in its elegant character and fashion savvy locals. I must say, I could live in Vienna in a heartbeat. Especially if the Summer of Fashion is a regular occurrence!


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    Antonia Kritzer

    These dresses are amazing! But imagine teachers in school could see how bored you are :DD  I love crazy stuff like this…
    Ha, and I really like the german words in this post. I’ve never been to Vienna but to Austria, and although I am from germany I almost didn’t understand a word because of the dialect. :DD

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    Hi there!
    I’m from Austria (Salzburg) and Vienna is my country’s favorite city! I just visited my brother, who lives there, this weekend..
    Ahh, I love it! The buildings are so beautiful (no comparison to Salzburg) and there are always amazing exhibitions – especially this year with the Gustav Klimt anniversary. I haven’t heard from this exhibition though, but I defenitely have to check it out next time – which will hopefully be soon!
    I’m happy that you enjoyed it 🙂

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      What a coincidence that you were in the city too! It is a small world, isn’t it?

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    Wow, that exhibition looks amazing! How inspiring. I love the sound of the Bubelle dress, although how revealing it would be, ha! Amazing that people can create things like that. Vienna looks like a beautiful city, although it’s one I have never before considered visiting. It looks like somewhere I’d love though – full of beauty and culture.

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    The Bubelle dress looks amazing!

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    I love these posts. they inspire me to want to travel even more. and those dresses, fascinating.

    – tianna 🙂


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    So beautiful – I love the innovation of the featured dresses!

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    absolutely love this guest post! checking out her site now 😉
    xo TJ

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