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Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes

This post is part of a series on European style and fashion. Click here to read more about Becky and how this series began.

Dobrý den!

Well, I’m back in Prague for my last week in Europe. I can’t believe my trip is almost over. I have been busy sightseeing and trying to check off as much on my “Prague to do list” as possible before heading home.

One thing that has been on my list ever since I came to Europe was to pick up a European fashion magazine and compare the ones here with the ones we have at home. I popped into a store in the Malastranksa Metro station and was overwhelmed by the amount of magazines they carried. Surprisingly, almost all of the fashion magazines were Czech translated American magazines. Vogue and Elle were both situated in the front with Czech titles. They even had Cosmopolitan with Zooey Deschanel on the cover in Czech. After sifting through the familiar titles, I spotted an unfamiliar one, Zena a Zivot, which roughly means “Women and Life”. Perfect.

I excitedly took the magazine to a coffee shop and was ready to put my iTranslator app to good use. But while flipping through, even before translating any of the titles and articles, I noticed that Zena a Zivot looked a lot like any other American fashion magazine. There were editorials and makeup tips, favorite products, even horoscopes! Everything that I read in the States seemed to be staring right back at me, except it was in Czech and I no idea what anything said.

Once I started translating everything, something really struck me as a bit different from our magazines; the articles and advertisements were much more sensual.

This seems to be the general theme I’ve been gathering throughout my entire adventure here in Europe. European woman are sexier because they love their bodies, regardless of size or shape. There are no “lose 10 pounds in one week” type articles. Instead, there are articles about powerful women and ways to love your body. Zena a Zivot had an editorial called “Summer in the City”, which features a normal sized woman. Not the super thin model that we are so used to seeing in the US. Boy, was that refreshing.

It’s interesting to see that the same trends are followed all over the world, like neon colors and retro inspired bathing suits for summer. But it’s also interesting to see the variation in models used and topics that are written about when comparing the US publications to European. I wish we could find more magazines in the states like Zena a Zivot, but that is where the Blog world comes in, which is already changing magazines as we know it!

I’m looking forward to getting back to my beloved New Orleans and sleeping in my own bed. Although, I wish I could travel for many more weeks. I can’t wait to show you my city and how Europe has influenced my style back in the South.


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    Clare Mountain

    Wow, I really enjoyed your observations on the Czech magazine compared to US ones! It’s really encouraging to hear that their emphasis is on being comfortable in your own skin.
    I think us Brits could learn a lot more about that. I don’t know if we’re just following the US, or we’re just obsessed with it ourselves, the emphasis here is truly on what we need to do to be better. Perhaps it’s because we’re both big consumerist countries? Always told that we need MORE in order to be better. Quite an interesting topic!

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    Jessica Biron

    I love your travel posts – It’s so interesting to read about Europe through the lens of fashion, and what the fashion of different cultures says about that society. I saw Prague in December and it was beautiful, I can only imagine seeing it in the summer!

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    Erin Holmes

    I totally took that pic of you!!! Right there on top of Prague’s Mini-Eiffel! Remember all the “selfies” we took on the way down?

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    oh gosh, all of these shots are beautiful! great guest post!
    xo TJ

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