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Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes

This post is part of a series on European style and fashion. Click here to read more about Becky and how this series began.

Hi Friends,

Well, I’m back in the Deep South and still adjusting to the little normality’s of home that I took for granted before leaving. Let’s just say air conditioning and ice in my water are two of my new favorite things. My adventure across Europe was pretty incredible and I learned more things than I can even being to comprehend.
Each city has given me a new insight on how to approach my own personal style and fashion in general. New Orleans has a very casual and laid back approach to fashion, just like the vibe of the city itself. However, it’s full of traditions that carry through into today’s fashion scene in the city.
Much like Barcelona, you can never be too over dressed or under dressed in The Big Easy. I can be a proper southern belle one day, wearing a seersucker number with pearls, or change it up and rock my funkiest torn up denim shorts and cowboy boots and never feel out of place. That is a rare and beautiful quality for a city to possess, which is one of the thousands of reason that I am head over heels in love with New Orleans.
Combining what I learned in Europe with what drives fashion in here in Nola, I’ve put together my own personal “Golden Rules” of style from my travels and which city inspired it.

I hope y’all have enjoyed reading about my experiences these past few weeks. I can only wish that all of you have the opportunity to experience one (or all!) of the amazing places I’ve seen this summer and more. Until next time!


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    Clare Mountain

    What a great series! I love your golden rules. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us!

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    It has been lovely going to all of these beautiful places along with you, Becky. I’ve learnt a lot from your series and I hope to incorporate it into my daily style.

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    Adriana Lopez

    I loved the series! Thank you, Madalynne and Becky. Hope to see more….

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    Jessica Biron

    I just loved this series – the beautiful pictures and how you really took something from each city that influenced how you present yourself to the world – hopefully we see more of you!

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    I had a lot of fun reading your posts! I live in the center of europe and have seen all these cities too! 🙂 I never looked at them with the big eyes like you did, but these series made me rethink that and notice the beauty each place had 🙂 x

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    I thought this series was great! It was great to see all the beautiful places Becky spent time in and what she experienced. I’m definitely going to bring your “golden rules” into my daily life. Glad to see you enjoyed your summer!

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    Erika ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    what a cute post!!!

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    I got to visit New Orleans last year and it really did wind it’s way in my heart.

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