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Guest Post: Seamstress Erin

Today’s lovely guest poster, Erin from the blog Seamstress Erin, and I “met” when she shared with me her know-how of RSS. I am tech savvy in some ways – I’ve been teaching myself CSS lately – but in other ways, I am living in the stone ages. One way in which I was completely not tech savvy was RSS. Before Erin told me how to use RSS, I visited each blog I had bookmarked one by one every day to see if any new posts were published. Now that’s a dedicated blogger, right? Our chatter, via email of course, continued for many emails until we finally asked each other the big question – “Will you guest post on my blog?” I think we both wanted to ask this question in the first email but we kept talking and talking and talking, trading tips on blogging, giving our opinions on blogging etiquette, and divulging sewing secrets. She is a lovely lady – I wished she lived closer so we could chat some more over tea or coffee – and I am glad to have her guest post today and tell you how to find sewing and style inspiration at work.
Hi! I’m Seamstress Erin. I’m a mad scientist by day and seamstress by night. I blog about DIY sewing and craft and the things that inspire me. I’m super excited to share a bit about how I find inspiration as a guest post on Maddie’s blog. Making her acquaintance, building an online friendship, and seeing her beautiful creations has been a source of inspiration itself!
How to Find Sewing and Style Inspiration at Work
I work in a research laboratory. You wouldn’t think that I’d be able to find a lot of sewing or style inspiration in my workplace, but it’s totally possible. Here are a few things I do to keep myself inspired during the day.
1)Look to your coworkers.
Your coworkers may not have the same style as you, but challenge yourself to pick out something you like about each individual’s outfit or style and think about how you might incorporate it into your sewing or wardrobe planning.
This is wearing a top that I find fascinating. It has an asymmetrical neckline with a decorative button. It also has panels of fabric sewn wrong-side out. Maybe I should play with asymmetry? Or design something using the right and wrong side of a fabric?

Smita has a black lace cardigan that she wears a lot. Recently she wore it with a black and white checkered dress and a pair of shoes that are black lace over a bright floral. It was a really interesting combination of textures. What are creative ways that I could add more lace to my wardrobe?
Caroline wears lots of scarves. I love scarves. Why don’t I wear them more often? I should plan more scarves into my outfits.
2)Look for interesting colors.
Keep an eye out for interesting color combinations and then brainstorm outfits you could make in that combination.
This old vortex (it’s a machine that shakes things. Yes, we have all sorts of machines to shake things in different ways) has a beautiful shade of teal that really pops with the red-orange on the label. What a fabulous color combination. Maybe a pair of sailor-style trousers in teal with big red-orange buttons? Or a teal hat with bright red-orange flowers on it?

This stack of books makes a pretty combination of purple, grey, and black. What about a long flowy skirt that fades from grey into purple then into black? That would be a fun home-dye challenge!

I love this bright yellow and orange combination I found on some bottles of solutions. Wouldn’t they make a great palette for a floral print?

3)Make a game out of your dress code.
Do you have a strict dress code or uniform? Play a thought exercise of how you might take it to the extreme.
Do you have to wear a suit to work? How gaudy of a shirt could you get away with? What if your suit pants and jacket were slightly different fabrics? What if they were very different fabrics? What if your shoes stood out? I always wear these shoes with my interview suit.

Is your workplace super casual? How fancy could you dress up without attracting attention? What if you wore pearls with your jeans and t-shirt? Or tried your hair in a fancy up-do?
4)Keep an eye out on your commute.
You probably drive (or hopefully ride a bike or bus!) past the same things every day. But keep your eyes open your commute and really look for inspiration.
I’ve been watching storefront windows on my ride and noticed two stores that feature lace doilies in their windows. I love lace doilies and have been gathering a list of creative ways to use them.

Gardens can also offer beautiful textures and colors. I had to stop to take pictures of this bougainvillea on my ride. The pink and cream and green are simply delicious!


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    Erin, these are great tips! Thank you for sharing them with us. I need to be more observant in my daily surroundings!

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    Qui Pardue

    wow Seamstress Erin, those shoes are awesome!  Thanks for sharing, great tips 🙂

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    Amanda Russell

    Love your inspiration ideas – very creative and innovative! 🙂

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    Love that idea of looking everywhere for creative inspiration!  I definitely do this with songs – listening for random sounds and connecting them to make music.  So inspiring!

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    Lovely ideas–I often find color inspiration from book covers, too. Now that last photo looks to me straight out of San Francisco… is that where you’re from? I love all the iron garage gates and once spent a day just photographing the different metal designs!

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