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Guest Post: Tips For Sewing Silk

Another day. Another guest post. Another sewing tip.

Katie Lineaweaver and I “met” last spring when I happened upon her site, A Girl Named Katie, and her blog, Love Is Why I Wake. Like most bloggers, we got into a “dialogue” about something we had in common – location. She lives not only in the same country and not only in the same region but the same state – Pennsylvania. Although I’ve never made the trip out to the suburb where she lives, it’s on my to-do list – a blogger meet-up is in the future. Promise.

She guest posted on my blog a couple of months ago and to return the favor, I recently guest posted on the blog of the fabric shop she works at – Fabrics Mart. The subject of the guest post is certainly something you’ve run into – sewing silk. It’s slippery, it’s slinky, and it’s not fun to work with. With some tried-and-true tips though, handling silk can be manageable.

Shortly after I my guest post went live, Mood Fabric’s published a similar post on the subject. So check them both out, it won’t hurt, you might even like it.


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    Yeah, you should totally do a Philadelphia region blogger meetup…I’d actually have a shot at making it to that one! And I was just thinking yesterday that someone should organize that. (Just not me, since Im an hour south and only know where one fabric store in the entire city is, somewhat.) Anyway. I did see the tip post the other day, thanks for that!

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    Sewing Princess

    Maddie, you should make your silk tips into a nice poster/print or even just a pdf. I would buy it!

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    Meg the Grand

    Oooo…these are super helpful. I bought the most gorgeous length of silk when I was in NYC last year, but I still don’t know what to make with it. Once I figure it out, I am going to be all over these tips like five year old me and peanut butter and jelly.

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