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Guest Post: War on Pants: Welcome to entreDonovan

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA --- Smiling Hispanic businesswoman with arms crossed --- Image by © db2stock/Blend Images/Corbis

I’m taking a back seat today and letting entreDonovan guest post. Linda, the founder and owner, reached out to me to tell me about her custom clothing business for women – entreDonovan. I make only lingerie nowadays, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in garment sewing, and I think entreDonovan provides a great service. Plus, she is somewhat local – Delaware. Basically a hop, skip and a car ride away from Philly!

Why are pants the epitome of evil? The Joker to my Gotham? The Indominus Rex to my Blue? Why can’t we be friends? Pants were initially designed as men’s wear, and only in the second half of the 20th century were pants and pant-suits popularized. Three decades after Coco Chanel started a revolution by borrowing men’s pants for horse-riding, Yves St. Laurent introduced the Le Smoking women’s suit in 1966. Representative Charlotte T. Reid made headlines when she became the first woman to wear pants on the U.S. Congressional floor in 1969, but it wouldn’t be legal until 1993.

First pants on house floor

The fashion industry demonstrates confusion when it comes to the woman’s body. Curves add thousands upon thousands of various dimensions and proportions. Less than 15% of women match the dimensions of standardized clothing sizes when taking waist and hip measurements. This diversity in body shape is ignored by the designers hiring 16-year-old models for their fashion shows. Enter entreDonovan.

When entreDonovan owner Linda Farquhar attended Wharton Business School, it was custom for her male classmates to get a custom suit for post-graduation life. Unfortunately, women’s custom suits were very uncommon then. Designers cited the difficulty of fitting a woman’s body. Regardless of our complications, more and more women are pursuing seats in the C-suite, and we need clothes to match.

After a successful career in investing and a few decades later, Linda opened entreDonovan to help women design custom suits. entreDonovan is based in Wilmington, Delaware, a popular state for business incorporation. Many banks and corporate law firms are in Delaware, many of them lead by successful women. entreDonovan is determined to be resource that takes the pain and frustration out of fashion and puts the fun back in. Women of all body types, especially those considered “difficult” to fit, are welcome.

Clients schedule a consultation with Linda to discuss their fit and fashion needs. During this consultation, the client is measured with a 3D body scanner that takes dozens of measurements in under a minute. This is a fun, futuristic experience that allows women to be measured without paying attention to the numbers.

2 pants

entreDonovan works closely with a few makers to incorporate the client’s fabric selection, measurements, and style choices to create a custom garment. We can do custom suits, pants, dresses, skirts, and blouses. Pants and pant-suits, for the reasons I stated above, are the most popular option. Upon receiving the custom clothes, we work closely with a tailor to get the fit just right. entreDonovan is looking to use its tailoring and custom experience to further improve pant size and design.

For those who work nearby in downtown Wilmington, being at entreDonovan is a welcome respite from the busy cubicle. We love helping our customers find fashions that fit them. We even have a ready-to-wear boutique where handbag and shoe lusts can be pursued with abandon. An in-house tailor will have your work dress fitting just right. We are creating a wardrobe concierge program which takes clients’ measurements and finds clothes that match.

Clothes shopping shouldn’t be scary or antagonistic, and a diet shouldn’t be a requirement to look good. Clothes should fit you, not the other way around.

Don’t negotiate with clothes. Live and embrace your beauty.


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    Being a lifelong Delaware resident, it’s nice to see a feature on a sewing business that’s local! (If living an hour or so south is considered local, that is.)

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    Cristian Backus

    Are you ever try alpaca clothing? I find this web and sounds good

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