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Guest Post: What Is A Technical Designer?

I’m all over the place these days. As you read this post, I’m in Florida enjoying the sun (click here to see where I worked out earlier this morning) and the ridiculous amount of humidity (curled hair and lots and lots of hair spray is my remedy against frizziness) but I’m also guest posting on Erin’s blog, Seamstress by Night. Like every blogger, we met via email. We sent each other lots and lots of emails but the subject of each email centered mainly around one subject, my day job. Monday through Friday, I work for a pretty large fashion company in the technical design department. It’s a hidden side of design but a more interesting and fulfilling one, in my opinion. I consider us “techies” the engineers of clothing – we figure out how a particular garment is made. I won’t divulge too much because I want you to click on over to Erin’s blog to get all the details. After, take a peek around her blog. I will use the same word she did to describe my blog and say that her and her blog are quite delicious.


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    Oh hi, hello! Dreamjob! Seriously, waiting to hear back from the education I’ve applied to -well I actually got the word that I’m on the reservlist and won’t know anything until september. Keep your fingers crossed for me would you! Off to read the guestpost now 🙂

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    Amanda Russell

    Oooh how exciting! What a cool job!! 😀

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