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Review: Amy Alan’s Beginner Serging Class

I hesitated to enroll in an online class, sewing or nonsewing related. It wasn’t because I doubted the virtual system, it was more because I am a creature of habit (aren’t we all?) and didn’t want to change the way I learned. When the iPad first came out, I was an early adopter along with the rest of my generation. My dad’s generation though wasn’t so accepting of the new technology and my grandma, well, she was freaking scared of that thing. Fast forward to now, and my dad’s de rigueur mode of reading is his tablet and my grandma Facebook messages me from hers. It just takes time to adapt to new things, right? My time to change my routine came when Amy Alan offered me free enrollment in her Craftsy class, Beginner Serging. To sum up my experience – you know how I said that my dad’s de rigueur mode of reading is his tablet? Well, I think my new de rigueur for learning, especially when it comes to sewing, is online classes. You guys, Craftsy and Amy rock! My goal for taking the class was to get an understanding of today’s home sergers. For the past seven years of my sewing life, I have worked mostly on industrial machines and I have sporadically used a home machine that Mishka, the tailor I used to work for, gave to me. My home serger is started to give up on me and I’m taking it as an opportunity to invest in a new one. Plus, the possibility that I could use an elasticator foot for my lingerie sewing is so intriguing. Oh, the thought of perfectly sewn elastic is a dream! Puckers and skipped stitches begone! I got way more than I bargained for. Way more. The class is…

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My Life As A “Professional” Blogger

One of the first questions I received when I asked you what about future topics for this blog was what it was like to be a “professional blogger.” Professional? Pshh! I hardly consider myself professional and the cat still gets my tongue when people ask me what I do. You can’t major in blogging and even though there are books about how to be a “good blogger,” anything goes in this industry. So what is it like to be a full time blogger? Well, I’ll answer by giving you a glimpse into my life. My official title is Internal Blogger for URBN. What that is exactly and what does it entail? Well, first let me rewind and explain how I ended up in my current position. I started working for URBN, which includes the brands Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, terrain, and BHLDN three years ago. Studying fashion design and merchandising, I applied and landed an internship in technical design and production for Anthropologie. Loving the whole gig, I refused to leave at the end of the summer; even if I had to clean the windows, I wasn’t going anywhere (I told them that too!). They offered me a position as an Assistant Technical Designer and with no hesitation, I accepted and haven’t left since. As I worked in tech design and production, I continued blogging. I started Madalynne my freshman year of college and I couldn’t think of any reason to stop. About a year ago, URBN approached me and asked if I would help them create an Intranet blog for the company. The entire URBN brand is massive – fourteen hundred employees work at our home office in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard and thousands more work in our stores which span the U.S. and the UK. Growing at an…

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Book Review And Giveaway: Streamlined Irons

As a seamstress and someone who is very into clothing, irons are like a hairdryer – a must have. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Wrinkly clothes are a no-no. But just like a hairdryer, irons are a tool that are taken for granted. There was a time when irons did not exist. Can you believe it? I had never thought about life without them until the sister of Jay Raymond, author of Streamlined Irons, contacted me about her brother’s book. She sent me a copy over the holidays and I tucked it away in my library, not taking a look at it because, well, life got in the way. She recently emailed me and asked for my opinion of the book. I admitted that I hadn’t read it but that now might be a good time. Would her brother be interested in an interview? Maybe that would get me to read the book. Well, he was interested and below, he answers some questions about his book and shares his opinion on irons and their future. Be sure to read the interview all the way to the end because there might be a giveaway for you. Q: Brief explanation of you, your history, and how you came to write Streamlined Irons. A: I’m 58 and a native of Philadelphia. I’ve done several different jobs in my adult life: heating mechanic, maître d’, handyman, and now author. I am a graduate of the art program and former member of the faculty at the Barnes Foundation. I’ve been collecting vintage electric irons since the early 1980s. It began with a box of old irons bought at a rummage sale. My first interest was irons of the 1930s and 40s when they were streamlined. Now I am collecting the earliest…

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