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Sustainability in Sewing

Hi everyone! I’m Anna from Finland and I’m a recent entrepreneur. I run my own small business of sustainable fashion (RAILOclothing), portrait photography and content writing. I’m so happy Maddie chose me as one of her guest bloggers – this is a great way of telling you about sustainability in sewing, which has been a passion of mine years before I even dreamed of starting my own business. Being a nature loving person, I have always recycled, reused and reduced. That’s how the idea of having a sustainable clothing business was first born. I was frustrated by the racks of unused fabric and clothing that I found in so many thrift stores and second hand markets. It started as a hobby, fixing unattractive clothing into pieces I wanted to wear myself. Shortly after, I found myself getting inquiries from people with the same sustainable goals. So I started making clothes for birthday presents, later on sold a piece here, another there, and over the years, set up a small Etsy shop. These days, it’s so easy to find inexpensive clothing and fabrics, that most people don’t even realize they could use something else. The very core of my sewing business is to use thrifted and remnant materials – curtains, leftover pieces of fabric, old clothing and pretty much anything you can think of. They are easy to find and, in fact, the older the materials, the higher quality they tend to be. Somewhere along the way, the fabric and fashion industries made a bad turn from quality to something they could use to maximise their profits. I bet you’ve noticed these days garments don’t last very long anymore… unless, of course, you make them yourself and only pick high quality materials. Something people are afraid of when using thrifted or old…

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Create This Look With The Fabric Market

While Maddie is away, I’m going to share another Create This Look with you! Since she’s in Paris, I decided to choose a dress that would continue the Parisian theme. This week was not only inspired by Maddie’s trip, but also inspired by the Be Outside Dress in Delft from ModCloth. I can imagine a beautiful Parisian lady enjoying a lovely picnic in a park wearing this dress. The fabric used to make the inspiration dress is a thicker cotton. I chose a lighter weight chiffon because of the print. If lined with our white poly cotton, the dress will look very similar. The pattern I chose is a vintage inspired pattern by Butterick. It has a close fitting, lined bodice, contrast facings, flared skirt (cut on crosswise), and petticoat. I love the back detail too. It has two variations, but I recommend view A. It will work better with the chiffon. Other fabric recommendations: Have a Great Week! Be sure to sign up on our mailing list, follow us on Pinterest, blog and Facebook to keep up with the latest looks & to get exclusive deals. And don’t forget to share your creations with us! Have an Awesome week in Paris, Maddie!

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Sewing in Singapore

Helloo guys! I’m extremely excited and honored to be guest posting while Maddie is away. Maddie has always been an inspiration and I’m always encouraged by reading her blog to continue learning and practicing my craft. I’m Adeline and I live in sunny Singapore with my husband and my little 8 months old bub. I started sewing when I was much younger but lost the interest along the way and only re-kindled my passion in the last couple of years. And that’s when I found this entire sewing community that I’m so glad to be part of. I thought it might be interesting to share about the local sewing scene as compared to the States. Singapore is a small country in South East Asia and we are neighbors with Malaysia and Thailand. Due to our geographical location, it’s summer all year round in Singapore! If I had a choice, I would prefer having 4 seasons as it could get really humid and hot in the warmer months (like now). But June is usually the best time for visiting Singapore as there is the Great Singapore Sale. Singaporeans like to eat and we are big on food, I suppose you can find almost any cuisine here, from Mexican to Korean to Italian. The skyline of our little red dot Being a small nation, we definitely have a much smaller sewing community. As big international fashion brands are easily accessible and online shopping being the fad now, RTW is widely popular. And that makes lesser people being interested in making their own clothes. So you can imagine how excited we all are when we find fellow Singaporeans who sew. It is in my wish to help grow this sewing community here in Singapore! Maybe someday, alike our counterparts in the States, we…

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Bra Making with Madalynne Update

I cannot believe that the next bra making workshop is in less than 10 days! Most, if not all, of the reason I’ve been so busy this month is because I’ve been prepping. I announced the class six weeks prior, and that seems like a lot, but in reality, it’s not! Securing sponsors, choosing fabrics, ordering supplies and updating Madalynne Studios has consumed my life. Good news is that it’s all coming together and can I say, it’s going to be good! Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts, Lace Fabrics and Tailor Made Shop will be providing enough trims and fabric for the class as well as the swag bags (each student will have enough supplies to make another bra when they get home). The Parlour will be coming back, but they’ll be doing something different this time around (they provided mini make-up sessions before), but I’ll keep that under wraps for now. Speaking of swag bags – each student will walk away with lots of sewing goodies, exclusive discounts to lingerie stores and treats. Chocolate too! Yum! To top it off, Julie from Dear Kate will be attending the August workshop. Mark my words, I will be slightly star struck when I see her. I might even blush. She’s a bra making superhero. Okay, I think I revealed way too much information, but I’m that excited! There are still spots left, so if you want to learn more details and/or sign up, click here! I hope you have a great weekend. Luckily, I’ve been able to squeeze in sewing time as I prep, and I’ll be back next week with some new me-mades.

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Guest Post: The Fabric Market

Hi! I’m Caitlin. I will be your guide on this magical tour of First off I wanted to thank Madalynne for giving us the opportunity to guest post on her blog! I’m sure you are wondering, what is The Fabric Market all about? Well, is brought to you by F&M Fabrics 2954 Niles St. Bakersfield Ca. 93306. Floarea & Marcel (F&M) had been selling fabrics in California flea markets for over 10 years before opening their first tiny shoe box of a store in 1995. In 2001 they moved to their current 18,000 sq ft Niles St. facility & are now literally, bursting at the seams! Seriously, the building is stocked from floor to ceiling with fabrics! They needed help… to the rescue! The Fabric Market was brought to life by Floarea & Marcel’s son Dragos, and blends the traditional family business values with the demand for a fast paced customer service driven e-commerce store. Who’s Who   One of a Kind Inventory Many of the fabrics we carry are one of a kind and cannot be reordered, so snatch it up while you see it or it might be gone the next time you look! It can also difficult to keep up with the dynamic nature of our in-store sales, which means online quantities may not always correspond with actual availability. We will contact you prior to filling your order, if this happens. Here’s just a taste of our HUGE inventory!  Create This Look! Sparking Your Creativity! I am super excited to tell you about our latest campaign! Create This Look was inspired by some posts I saw on Pinterest. A few years ago, a blogger posted collages using an inspiration dress (usually from ModCloth), a pattern and fabric (from various sources). This inspired me to do something similar, but instead I use fabric…

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