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Book Review: Sew Red

Anything that is done for a cause – a marathon or a charity – beats hard and fast in my heart. I write about my mom’s losing battle with breast cancer on my I am page and how the experience shaped who I am and how it affects my reaction towards others who are fighting a disease. Cassandra, a representative for Jim Beans Wool, contacted me about a newly released book – Sew Red. It’s the second of the four book series Stitch Red and is dedicated to raising awareness in preventing heart disease – the number one killer of women in the United States. It’s not your average sewing and quilting book as its patterns are fresh and fun and were designed by thirty renowned sewing/quilting masterminds – Ty Pennington, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink and Suede are a few of these designers. And they don’t stop at designing, they also offer commentaries on their experiences with heart disease and tips and tricks to lead heart-healthy lives. Now, you could consider this a sponsored post but it’s for the right reasons. When I read Cassandra’s email, I could hear my mom saying, “Maddie, this is something you want to endorse.” I don’t put anything on my blog that I wouldn’t use, or at least I try not to, and this book is no exception. It’s a great book. My mom did not beat cancer but maybe someone else can win their fight with the help of proceeds raised through Sew Red.

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Interview & Giveaway With Anna Depew

Has my adoration for lingerie oozed out enough? It’s embarrassing to admit but my Google, Etsy, and Pinterest searches have been solely in the realm of “lingerie,” “vintage undies,” “bralettes,” “soft bras,” etc. Did the election occur because I have been oblivious to the world. One lingerie shop that seems to be ubiquitous (I see the sidebar button everywhere) is Mrs. Depew Vintage. Anna, the owner of the shop, is a military wife who currently lives in Norway (way cool!). She is a lover of making her own clothes (she blogs about her creations here), her cat, and most of all, vintage patterns. Stocked within this gem of an online shop are PDF patterns for vintage beachwear, lingerie, dresses, blouses, and hats. If that’s not enough, the silhouettes of said patterns are ones that aren’t seen in today’s world of fast fashion. I asked Anna is she’s be interested in an interview (and a giveaway – continue reading…) and she kindly agreed. When she sent me her responses to my questions, she worried that she was too thorough. I told her no,no,no… long answers are the sign of a blogger and shop owner her cares. So without further adieu, take it way Anna… Q: Can you briefly describe you and your shop, Mrs. Depew Vintage? A: I’m a military wife who followed my husband to an assignment in Norway. A series of very unfortunate events left me at home all day with nothing to do but sew. I started designing my own patterns almost by accident and suddenly realized how much fun it was! My shop is basically a fusion of the things that I love most – vintage clothing, sewing, lingerie and all things French. When I start a new pattern, I usually start with a look or an era that…

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I’m Guest Posting!

You thought it Matchy Matchy was over and done with. Finite. Well, you thunk wrong (no, I am not grammatically incorrect). She has one last horrah and it’s on a Violet’s blog, Blythe Ponytail Parades. Violet is a wonderful blogger. Seriously. She has a knack for photography that is unparalleled with anyone her age. Our blogs don’t have much in common, mine being a sewing blog and her’s being a lifestyle blog, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t up for a guest post. I can write about anything, that’s for damn sure. So while she’s in Japan photographing a wedding (cue drooling in jealousy), I’m writing about Matchy Matchy and the struggles I faced, and OVERCAME while working on her. She was a bitch in all sense of the word.

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Meet Janel Hill: Owner of Janet Hill Studio

My art style is an odd one – a mix of Impressionism and 1950s Realism. Edgar Degas meets with Edward Hopper. I say it’s an odd combination because in Impressionist work, free brushstrokes took precedence over meticulous ones while in Realist work a la 1950s, the opposite was true. Despite their differences in how paintings were made, both artistic movement depicted fleeting moments that had small doses of nostalgia, elegance, and wag. So when I happened upon Janet Hill’s online shop, a studio filled with just this type of artwork, I made the little hearts next to images of her pieces shine bright red. Always one to strike up a conversation, I sent her a message asking if she would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Agreeing, she gave me her clever answers to my clever questions below. We have never “met” but she really seems like a gem of an individual. I encourage you to check out her work and make those little red hearts shine as well. Maddie: Can you give a brief description of your work? Janet: My work is best described as oil paintings that are typically narrative and don’t take themselves too seriously. Maddie: What or when inspires you? Janet: Movies (lots and lots), books, magazines, blogs, walks with my dog. Maddie: If your work was a person or a place, who or what would it be? Janet: A crazy little old lady’s closet. The kind of closet that has endless pairs of shoes, fox stoles, figurines, birdcages. Not sure what kind of visual that brings to mind…. Maddie: What is on your Christmas list? Janet: A bottle of Cognac and a Diptyque ‘Feu de Bois’ candle. My favorite scent in the world. Maddie: Pretend you have an amazing event to attend…

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Guest Post: Tips For Sewing Silk

Another day. Another guest post. Another sewing tip. Katie Lineaweaver and I “met” last spring when I happened upon her site, A Girl Named Katie, and her blog, Love Is Why I Wake. Like most bloggers, we got into a “dialogue” about something we had in common – location. She lives not only in the same country and not only in the same region but the same state – Pennsylvania. Although I’ve never made the trip out to the suburb where she lives, it’s on my to-do list – a blogger meet-up is in the future. Promise. She guest posted on my blog a couple of months ago and to return the favor, I recently guest posted on the blog of the fabric shop she works at – Fabrics Mart. The subject of the guest post is certainly something you’ve run into – sewing silk. It’s slippery, it’s slinky, and it’s not fun to work with. With some tried-and-true tips though, handling silk can be manageable. Shortly after I my guest post went live, Mood Fabric’s published a similar post on the subject. So check them both out, it won’t hurt, you might even like it.

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