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How They Wore Noelle: Sara, Lisa + Katie

halter bralette outfits

Confession: I may have given these three fine ladies, Katie, Sara and Lisa, a firm nudge to wear a Noelle bra. Or bralette? To-may-to, to-mah-to – whatever you want to call the damn soft bras. They’re my coworkers and they hear me day in and day out talk about my workshops, my bras and all my sewing trials and tribulations. With enough preaching, I turned them into halter bra believers. I think I have them converted, or they just want me to shut up and get off my damn soap box.

Sara: “I am in love with my Noelle bras! I think the best way to wear them is in something that lets the bra shine through. I love wearing it with drapey tops and tops with low-cut necklines/armholes. The look is classy with a little edge, and the bralette makes an appearance without showing too much.”
Top : Urban Outfitters http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/ //  Jeans: DKNY Jeans  //  Shoes : Converse http://www.converse.com/us

Katie: “The Noelle bra gives me a sense of confidence similar to the feeling I get after watching Pretty Woman. That being said, I like to take the ‘daring’ route and pair it with a see through blouse for a sexy, but classy look.”
Top – Ann Taylor Loft  //  Jeans – Anthropologie  //  Boots – Nordstrom

Lisa “I love my Noelle bra! It’s so easy to pair with every outfit and I feel confident when I wear it! Definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe – I own it in multiple colors!”
Dress: Urban Outfitters  //  S
weater: uniqlo  //  Shoes: Aldo (last year)

Upload a photo of your Noelle with the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne or #madalynneintimates for a chance to be reposted or featured. And if you live in the Philadelphia area, you can be featured just like these gals by emailinghello@madalynne.com.

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