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There’s this thing called a color wheel and around it is a rainbow of hues that sit side by side. Each color has its own characteristic and mood. Yellow is bright and happy while red is seductive and blue is calming. When primary, secondary, or tertiary colors are mixed together, new colors are created. Regardless of their personalities and the way they mix and mingle, red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and green are all colors. The same goes for sewists. We all have our unique quirks, tricks, and preferences. While some of us sew quilts, others upcycle vintage garments; while some of us are just starting out, others are rookies; while some of us sew darts from dart point to seam, others sew from seam to dart point. But we all share a passion to create a 3-D object, whether it be a bridal gown or wall art, out of something that is 2-D – fabric. Interviewing a handful of sewists in the tri-state area, the interviews below show the many colors we come in. While I may be red and you may be blue, we’re all colors on the same color wheel.


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