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Happy Labor Day!


Happy Labor Day! If you live in the United States, today is a national holiday that celebrates working people. Although a lot of attention goes to other professions, I want to honor another type of worker today – seamstresses. We go to battle against silk, jersey, and charmeuse and we receive numerous war wounds during each project (who burns themselves with the iron like I do on every project?). We suffer the pain and hardship to make a statement though – by sewing our own wardrobe, or at least a portion of it, we’re a testament that handmade items in this day and age can be cool and stylish. We’re also showing people the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment you can feel when you make something as complex as a garment with your own two hands. Now that’s cool. So along with all the other workers out there, I’m honoring the sewers as well today by working on some exciting projects – a naturally dyed maxi dress.

And can we all just take a moment to look at my hair in the photo above? Whoa!


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    Well said! Happy Labor Day.
    P.S.what an adorable photo!

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    Paul Flanigan

    The hair is not the issue. Maddie dressed for design success every morning. Even as a child, outfits were chosen for maximin effect. Not sure what you call that top, but it seem the perfect outfit for enjoying a good swing under a big tree in our back yard. Higher, higher, higher, please. Yes, Maddie. Love you. AHAW. See you soon.

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    KatieLynne Pv

    Sweet…and so apropo!

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