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Happy Thanksgiving

about-me-web-1This year brought so much change to my life. Change and challenge. Alliteration too! Lol. I felt like I was on a roller coaster – up and down, up and down, up up and down down. I had close-to-melt down moments where I had to remind myself to just hang in there and make it through, and I had moments where I had so much fervor, energy, passion and excitement to push forward. The wild ride of 2015 taught me many things. One, to learn how to stay focused in even the most chaotic times, two, to define exactly what I want both in my personal and my work life, and three, to trust and have faith that everything is happening exactly the way it should.  I began 2015 slightly uncertain, and as the end of the year creeps up, I have the most clarity I have ever had. Don’t know how I made it with all my fingers and toes, but I did!

I’m sure next year will bring more change and challenge, probably more than this year, and as that happens, the importance of having a home where I feel supported and encouraged no matter how weird my hobby will become even more important to me. One of my homes is in Ft. Lauderdale, where my dad, stepmom, stepsister, stepbrother and brothers live – I miss them dearly – but another one of my homes is this blog. This is where you, my sewing family lives.

Today, I’m giving thanks to both my families. I wish we could all sit around a table and enjoy a morning, afternoon and evening of sewing and mulling over vintage notions and fabric, but instead, I’m virtually giving a toast. Toasting that everyone has a home where they feel loved and secure.

And my door is always open for one more. Always.

Happy Thanksgiving
Maddie + Sage + Basil (currently preoccupied chasing after a stray fly)


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    Cheers, Maddie. Have a great Thanksgiving day and an awesome 2016.

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      Cheers to both of us having a great 2016!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to Maddie, Basil & Sage
    from Kent UK :~)
    Hope you have a peaceful day with time to “hear the grass grow” and nurture your spirit.
    Lucy, purrs from Sennon, Merryn, Tensing (a brother & 2 sisters, Ragdoll/Siamese +) and Eibhling (an adorable Red (ginger) Tabby girl), woofs from Sefton (Maltese/Havanese +)

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      A peaceful day to hear the grass grow + watch the world go by 😉

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    Love you Madalynne AHAW

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    What a beautiful message! Happy Thanksgiving from Canada 🙂

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