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Holiday attire: daywear

We all worry about what smashing ensemble we’re going to wear to that amazing holiday party. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas night, and New Year’s. Many pictures will be taken and we have to (not should) look amazing. But what about dressing for the holidays during the day? What about holiday daywear? We shouldn’t wait until a party to dress up, right? (I’m glad you agree) We can look festive without looking like your Uncle Donny’s when he’s wearing his reindeer intarsia sweater. Just look what I pulled together above. Oh-so-chic, right? (Again, I’m glad you agree)

Click here if you want the sweater. But if you’re craving those oh-so-red pants, click here. Or you could click here to spend a fortune on a spectacular necklace. Or you can finish off the outfit with those stellar heels by clicking here. Or you can click on all of them (that’s what I would do).

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