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Holiday Gift Guide for Me


A rule of mine when I do my holiday shopping is to buy something for myself. Behind the Christmas list with items I have chosen for my friends and family is my christmas list. It has the items I have been thinking about, wanting, saving for all year. I’m a frugal gal. I save my money and pinch pennies all year long. But every one needs a splurge and this is my time to do such. Do you share this selfish habit of mine? Do you slip in a purchase for yourself while purchasing for others? If so, what is on your Christmas list? This is what’s on mine…

Click here to purchase Jo Malone’s oh-so-rosy perfume. Or click here to buy Dior’s gorgeous shade of neutral nail polish. Or you could buy that silky French Connection blouse by clicking here. To save all your quarters, pennies, and dimes for all the above items, click here. And when you’ve spent every last penny on all the above items, you should click here and buy those gorgeous Kara Ross earrings. And even though you may be broke after buying those agate earrings, you should click here and buy one of Katie Goldman’s terrariums.

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