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How Do You Organize Your Wardrobe: Part 2

I was surprised to read the amount of responses and suggestions last week when I asked the question, “How do you organized your wardrobe?” (click here to read post) It’s a simple thing we do every day – getting dress – yet it obviously takes so much thought, planning, and not to mention, money. Because of your interest, I decided to continue the topic and ask another just as important question. Do you have a favorite piece in your wardrobe? If so, what is it? Is it a skirt, a blouse, or a pair of pants? Does it make an appearance at least once a week or is it a piece to only cherish and ogle at? Was it bought or acquired? Tell me its story…

I have such a piece in my wardrobe. We met about a year ago. I was scarfing down a sandwich while perusing the Internet during my pseudo-lunch break when I first saw her. Infatuation has stopped me in my tracks twice in my life and this was the second (who caused the first? I’m not telling). Most girls fall in love with a man but I fell in love with a hot pink skirt.

We’ve had a great relationship since we first met. Made of the loveliest and lightest chiffon, she twirls, sways, and swooshes with me wherever I go. I’ve worn her with white tees, striped tees, button down blouses, chambray blouses, jeans jackets, and herringbone jackets. I’ve paired her with flats, sandals, and heels as well as pearls, stones, and diamonds. She’s taken me to laid back dinners (she never pays), Saturday afternoon walks, and formal occasions (click here to see how I wore her on Christmas). We have yet to have a fight and she hasnt cheated on me yet. I hope our relationship continues as seamlessly as it has for the many years to come.

So I ask again, do you have a favorite piece in your wardrobe? If so, what is it?

P.S. How to draft a block pattern will be back next week with the sleeve draft. I was busy working on a guest post last week and on Sunday, the day I planned to start writing the sleeve draft post, all I wanted to do was open the windows (it was in the 70s here in Philly) and waste the day away sewing my dress. Ten hours later, I did such that, waste the glorious day away with my sewing machine and To Catch a Thief (Cary Grant and Grace Kelly…. amazing).


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    Fun post! I think the favorite piece in my wardrobe might be a red jersey dress I thrifted at a Red Cross shop in Taupo, NZ. It’s a soft but sturdy red jersey, with little white flower shapes on it, a circle skirt and a V-neck. The perfect combination of pretty and comfy! I’ve worn it so often in the last year and a half that some of the flower shapes have rubbed off, and I think I’ll have to find some similar fabric to recreate it soon!

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      The dress sounds so so wonderful! Ref and florals together is such a feminine combination. But what I love best about your dress is that you bought it at a thrift store. They really have the best finds, don’t they?

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    I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I am very happy to have my black trousers that fit as comfortably as jeans. I was so, so disappointed when Eddie Bauer changed from bootcut to straight-almost-skinny legs this year. Any uniformly dark washed, flared or bootcut jeans that fit without gap-in-the-back would be my absolute favorite, but I don’t currently own any. Then there’s the cloak I sewed, which makes me feel wonderful, but has limited use. Nope… guess I don’t truly have one favorite piece.

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      You sound like you have the same problem as me – a sway back. Every pair of pants I try on/buy, jeans included, gaps in the back just above my butt. I can thank years and years of gymnastics and yoga for such a problem. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Two darts equidistant from CB at waist is all that is needed and voila, the pants fit like a dream.

      Your cloak sounds lovely. Who cares if you never wear it! I have lots of pieces in my closet I don’t wear and only look at.

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        I’ve used a similar dart fix occasionally. On some pants, the stitching holds beautifully, on others, it breaks after a few wears.

        I actually like my swayback, despite the difficulty in dressing around it. It makes me feel elegant and feminine (how many men have swayback?) and, although I don’t know why, strong. Something about that pronounced curve makes me feel like I could take on anyone – like a warrior princess with the wisdom of a sage and poise of a queen. Not that I’m like that at all, but my swayback makes me think that given enough time and training, I could be.

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    Birdie wears a tie

    Actually, my favourites are changing every month. But a piece I really love is a vintage lace blouse. My mother gave it to me, and she was given it by another woman. It is about fifty years old and so beautiful!
    I will go thrifting today – maybe I will find my love. 🙂


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