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How I Wear It: Noelle

how-i-wore-it-noelle-3Are you so darn excited that you can now purchase my favorite halter bra, Noelle, and matching undies? I know, me too!

If are eyeing one – maybe you have even put it in your shopping cart – but are hesitating to checkout, I’m here today to convince you. Do you accept bribes? Totes kidding!

If the reason you haven’t purchased is because you don’t know how you will wear it, let me show you some options. I’ve worn Noelle to work, to a nice dinner, and while hanging out on the weekends. Basically, I’ve worn Noelle in every type of occasion.

how-i-wore-it-noelle-1 how-i-wore-it-noelle-2 how-i-wore-it-noelle-4 how-i-wore-it-noelle-5 how-i-wore-it-noelle-7how-i-wore-it-noelle-6 First, understand the type of bra Noelle is – a soft cup, compression bra. It’s meant to be modern, clean and feminine sporty. It’s not meant to be va-va voom. It has a halter neckline, so consider the neckline of whatever top you’re wearing. I usually wear it underneath a basic sweater or tee, which I pair with jeans. If I wear it with a tee, I like the tee to have a low armhole so that my bra shows/peeks through. Visible lingerie is a faux pas to some, but I think it’s okay if it’s intentional. If the bra is pretty, which Noelle totally is, why not show it off? I also think Noelle looks great underneath a button down shirt or dress. And if crop tops are your thing, Noelle makes a fabulous choice.

Below is a slideshow featuring the items I’m wearing plus additional blouses, dresses and shoes you could pair it with (if it isn’t there, that means it’s no longer available). If you purchase a Noelle bra or undie (or set), let me know how you wear it! Email me or upload a picture on Instagram – #madalynneintimates


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    I could not wait to win a Noelle set, I already ordered one on Etsy. Many thanks to you for bringing your talents to a larger sewing community. I love your blog. Elaine Khachi

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      You’re welcome 🙂

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