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How I Wear Sierra + Updated Pattern


Now that you and I have made a Sierra, it’s time to wear that bad boy! Bad lady?

There are many ways I wear Sierra, but this is my favorite look. I’m lucky in that I work in a casual office where the dress code is VERY relaxed- I work in fashion – and this is what I wore on Wednesday. The dress is from Urban Outfitters and the shoes are from Free People. Because I’ve spent most of this year beefing up my lingerie wardrobe, my regular wardrobe is mostly RTW. I don’t feel ashamed about it because I have some pretty darn, good-looking, me-made skivvies. I’m not superwoman and I can’t sew it all.

Because Sierra is a halter, it “should” be paired with a halter top or a blouse that’s close at the neck. But assuming that you don’t want your bra straps showing. If you’re like me and you like to make your lingerie a part of your outfit, have it peeking through an oversized top or a top with a low armhole. On weekends, you’ll most often see me wearing my Sierra in an outfit like this (last picture in the post).

Now that the sew along is over, I’ve updated the PDF with the instructions. There was only one question that came up (how to cut the back piece), which I clarified in the post as well as the PDF. The sew along will live on the blog for free, but if you want all instructions, patterns, and tips packaged together, I’m offering the whole PDF for those who sign up for my monthly newsletter. Click here to be added (you’ll receive the PDF in the final welcome email).

If you made a Sierra, how do you wear it? In the house only? To work? On the weekends? Please share!

And don’t forget to upload your Sierra to Instagram with the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne to enter to win $25 to Bra Making Supplies. I’ll be choosing a winner at the end of this month.



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    Super cute!! I’m trying to get more brave about letting my lingerie peek out of differently cut tops, but down here in the south I always feel like some well-meaning lady is gonna pull me aside and say “Sorry to interrupt you honey, but I thought you’d want to know… I can see your brassiere…” 😉 at which I’d have to reply “It’s called FASHION, grandma!” and that would be breaking some unspoken code of southern gentility… Lol! Aaaanyway. Love this look. It’s nice to let your beautiful creations shine.

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      Tell those Southern women to go big or go home!

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    I tried to sign up for your newsletter, but I never got the email to confirm that my email address was correct (I checked my junk folder, too!). I signed up twice and didn’t get anything either time. I’m not sure if anyone else might be having the same problem.

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    Thanks for bubbling it up! I saw lots of sign ups today, so it might be a lone issue. If you email me at hello@madalynne.com, I can manually add you to the list and send you the PDF directly.

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      One of them finally came through! Thank you!!!

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    I have subscrived this morning, I’ve the subscription notification, but not the pdf,…..

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