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How i Wore It + Giveaway



how I wore it - the details

I channeled Michael Jackson. I mixed black and white, incorporated sequins and fingerless gloves, and scrunched my socks low, real low. Don’t give me that look. This is how I do comfy and cozy. I don’t even need to grab my crotch to make a statement.

I am a Floridian only by birth and definitely not by skin color. When I moved to Philadelphia, mittens were a new fashion accessory. How, when, and with what were questions I had to work through via trial and error and I erred very wrong in my early mitten-wearing days. It was my first winter in Philadelphia and I was an Assistant Technical Designer for Alla, Senior Technical Designer for Jackets and Outerwear (capitalization intended). She was Russian, knew her shi…stuff, and I often made her laugh unintentionally with my questions and statements.

“Maddie, where should the stitch line be on this sketch? To the left or to the right of the placket seam line?” Alla asked.

“To the left,” I answered.

“Haha…” was her response.

My answer wasn’t right. That was the type of relationship we had.

Our bonding came to a peak when I showed up to work one day with a new pair of yellow fingerless mittens. Thinking that they were next best thing to brussels sprouts (sliced bread sucks), I said, “Look at these mittens! They have pockets where I can store a key or a credit card. That’s so clever of them. I bet they stole the idea from Lululemon.”

Alla really started laughing.

“No, Maddie, that ‘pocket’ is a cover for your fingers. You unbutton it and fold it over your fingers. See…”

She demonstrated my stupidity. Stupid Floridian. Stupid, stupid Floridian.

I have since learned the do’s and don’ts of mitten wearing. I have tried many, tossed many, been given many, and I think I’ve come across my favorite. They’re from an Etsy shop called Gertie & Baxter (it’s one of my sponsors too). They’re knitted, fingerless, and have a bow right on the knuckles. Wearing them, I’m comfy, I’m cozy, and I don’t resemble Michael Jackson too much. I don’t look like a stupid Floridian either.

For one of you, these mittens will be yours. No Facebook likes or tweets required. This giveaway is for fun. Leave a comment below with your contact information and something clever to say. Make it interesting. I will chose a winner on Sunday, January 20th, and announce the winner next week.


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    There’s do’s and don’ts of mitten wearing? I’ve never lived anywhere actually cold (as in snowy), so I’ve never really gotten that sorted out. My only criteria on these types of things tends to be where the seam lies, I just can’t deal with a seam right on the tips of my fingers or toes (and thus I never wear tights nearly as much as I’d like). As such, I am always searching for tights that are seamed like regular socks, and thigh high socks for short pear shaped people. In any case, I think you already have my contact info, but there’s my rambling about seam placement.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Be thankful that you don’t know the ins and outs of mitten wearing because that means you live where it is WARM. Winter and I are not friends right now.

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    These are so beautiful! though I would never be able to pair them with short sleeves because I would definitely freeze. Is that a new hairdo I see? It looks great and it really suits you.
    It’s past 1 am and my brain doesn’t function after midnight so I’ll save myself the embarrassment of trying to come up with something clever. 🙂

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Yes, this is a new do for me. I always wore my hair up before so not many people know that I chopped off 4 inches. I’ve made a commitment to style me hair everyday because my hair was disastrous on too many occasions in 2012. 2013 will be a year of good hair (and lingerie sewing).

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    Natasha Estrada

    Mittens are something mothers put on their kids to stop them from tutoing with things (tuto is slang in NZ for fiddling) If you grew up wearing mittens in 100 degree then thats a good sign your mom didn’t trust you to keep your mitts off of things so you had to have your mitts on.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Tutoing. I love that word and until now, I didn’t think it would or could be translated into words. Obviously, that’s not the case.

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    Ooh, those are so cute! And the joy to experience what it’s like to quickly find the RIGHT key (without dropping them twice) by just using your fingers, to get in your (warm) house… Think those mittens could be the solution to all my problems. ;3

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    I love mittens!! And I miss them! Although with the weather this past week I could really use a pair for my bike commute…
    I actually stopped by the Army Surplus store recently (called “Colonel Bubbie’s” – look, there aren’t a lot of options on this island! it’s either that or Target…) to see what they had in terms of outerwear. I found a gorgeous pair of white wool cable knit mittens that came up to the elbow. They were soft and looked like something a Russian child in the 1930’s would wear. But then I noticed something weird – they had a separate thumb part, like most mittens, but they also had a separate part for the first finger. The rest were all joined together like regular mittens. At first I couldn’t figure out what this was for, but then I realized I was standing in a (very real) Army surplus store where they sell things that were obviously meant for combat. That extra finger was the TRIGGER FINGER!!! I found this equally hilarious and repulsive! Didn’t buy them… but your mitten recollections made me think of that!

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    they are so cute! normally in California mittens aren’t something you need very often, but it has been SO COLD this winter, and sense they are fingerless, I could be wearing them wile I work!

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    I wanted the whole darn outfit right down to those super cute sox!! The mittens are tough but sweet at the sametime. I love the bow idea and since it has been snowing her all morning I could be warm and still typing with monstrous speed!!! Love your new hair also…very fab! Thanks for always doing something fun. Good luck every1.

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    Meg the Grand

    Oooo… these are lovely! I’m not entering the giveaway, but just wanted to say how much I love your outfit. It is a perfect combination of glamour and coziness – a wonderful mid-winter outfit, I think 😉

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    Even though I live in SoCal I wear mittens every morning to walk the dogs. I like that you used to make your boss laugh, I know I have worked for some characters myself and bonded over pretty funny office goings on. My old boss used to refer to my perfume as Chanasty! Ha, talk about disasters!

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    i just spent an hour searching for mittens at century 21… so i will opt out.

    you’re rocking the comfy look, and am i buzzed from shopping, or have we ever seen that GLORIOUS dress form behind you? as i type this, i’m certain we have. maybe my jealousy blinded me.

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    I’m wearing fingerless gloves as I type this 🙂 It’s so cold at my work and I’m always using my hands, so they are the perfect solution 🙂

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    Awww, you look so cute in this outfit! I love it! And the mitts aren’t MJ at all… not that that’s a bad thing…

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    Maggie Smith

    You look adorable! Living in the Northeast I have known many a mitten. But, bows on the knuckles?!?! Love it!

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    Oh my gosh. Cute mittens would be perfect for this negative degree weather!!

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    Just because that is what the manufacturers had in mind when they made the “pocket” it doesn’t mean that is how you have to wear them. I am the type to look at things from several possible wearing angles. Who says this shirt is backwards? I like the way it looks this way. Yes, my dress is normally worn as a skirt, but I decided it looks better as a dress on me. White after Labor Day? Yes, because winter whites are so pretty. 🙂

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