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How I Wore It: Comic Book Tees

Comic book tees. I saw and I conquered.

About a month ago, I posted a ‘What i Heart Now’ featuring comic book tees. The post featured my favorite comic book tees but I confessed that although I liked the trend – I thought it was cool and different – I didn’t know if it could be done – be worn stylishly – in real life. Yes, the women who attended New York’s most recent fashion week looked shi-shi but there is a big fat line between what looks good in a photograph and what looks good in real life. Me in an Iron Man tee? Me laughing…

But I think I did it. I really think I pulled it off. It took some thought and some serious Internet browsing but Forever 21 came to my rescue (get the pun?). The blouse, which is made of the nastiest, clingiest, and cheapest artificial fabric (that’s what you get for $12.95), suggests but doesn’t scream comic book tee. Suggesting and not screaming comic book tee, I think, is the key to pulling off this look.


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    Jackie Saffert

    I had no idea a comic book tee could be (stylishly) worn in real life, but you definitely pulled it off. I love the tee paired with the urban outfitters skirt!

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    LOVE. I have no words for how fantastic this outfit is.

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    I think the overall soft monochrome of the look helps too. You’ve made the look really work for you, somehow it’s become softer and more feminine! Totally took the trend and then owned it – BAM! Thats how you wear a trend, ladies!

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    Meg the Grand

    Love the Lichenstein-ish tee with that divine skirt – I think you are definitely rocking this look!

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    Leave it to Maddie to make a comic book tee look chic. I feel like I should offer a standing ovation at this point. No but seriously, I love how you made the look much more feminine and so ‘you’.

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    I love it with the soft pink skirt, way to keep it super fem. Nice that it was a good deal too!

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    Totally pull-offable. You make it look good.

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    Chloe Moon

    I’m totally digging the comic book tees! That’s a cool unique look! =)


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    carrie elias

    Adorable…..that color is heavenly on you…..and your shirt adds just the right amount of fun. XO

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    Marisa Noelle

    You’ve really made that comic tee look so pretty 🙂 The pink/peach hues on you are so lovely!

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    Cool! This looks like a Lichtenstein print… so more art-funky than comic booky. It’s so fun figuring out how to wear things like this in your own style.

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    eep, this looks amazing! I wasn’t sure if I’d like this trend or not, but you make it look so incredibly pretty! Awesome outfit!


    birdiewearsatie.blogspot.com <33

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    This is so cute! Your photos always looks so magical 🙂

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