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How I Wore It: Flower Crowns

Sallie once said that Internet friends are the best friends. Slowly, I repeat – slowly, I’m finding that to be true.

During late summer, I published a post about how I was digging flower crowns. In the post, I admitted that although I was lusting the trend, I didn’t know if I could pull it off in real life. This is one of those trends that works in theory but not in reality. A short time after I published that post, one of my readers published a post that had photos of her wearing a flower crown. I commented that I wanted her to make me one and lo and behold, she did.

Let me backtrack and introduce her, this reader who made me my flower crown – Antonia. This is no ordinary reader. She sent me an email of admiration many months ago introducing herself and her blog and since that first email, she has never stopped emailing. She sparks conversations just when I think she’s forgotten about me. “Nope! There she is again!” I think when her email shows up in my inbox. Cheer and merry is what I like about her – her emails are always full of such emotions – even if her messages only contain words. To prove how full this girl’s heart is – even though she lives in Germany, she was willing to pay the extra pocket change (she’s in high school) to send me my package. My first international package!

Back to how I wore it. Set out to find a way to wear a flower crown in the everyday realm of dressing, I was stumped. Paired with jeans, skirts, crop tops, blouses, and jackets, nothing could make me look somewhat normal or sane, until I closed the door of my closet and looked at the dress that stares and both you and I in every ‘how I wore it’ post. The only way I could make a flower crown work was to dress it up, WAY UP, as you all suggested in my first post on flower crowns. But, when dressed up, flower crowns look amazing.

So, I reserve this trend for the best occasions like weddings, balls, galas, or vacuuming your apartment wearing a wedding gown, flower crown, and heels. If you’re going to scrub the toilet too in such attire, at least put on some gloves to complete the look.

Thank you Antonia! I’m one lucky gal to have a friend like you – even if it’s through the Internet.


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    Dorien Dooms

    That’s a beautiful picture! I love it so so much. Especially with all of those cosy lights. And so sweet of Antonia! xo

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Antonia is a sweetheart – I really can’t put it into words

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        AWW maddie you are so sweet! Thank you! (:

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    What a beauty. Love this dress and everything on you!

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    Meg the Grand

    This photo of you is positively breathtaking. What a marvelous flower crown to pair with such a stunning gown!

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    Dana Fox

    I totally agree that there really is no way to wear a flower crown casually. It’s always so much fun to dress up and put one on though… so I’m glad that they can be reserved for special occasions. xox Dana

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    This is so beautiful! I love it!

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    lisa g

    so pretty! i think you’re right, dressed up is the only way to do it. casual just doesn’t cut it!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I tried! I really tried to make the flower crown work for every day wear but I couldn’t. Regardless, thanks for the compliment!

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    Another day, another successfully pulled off “how I wore it” post. The flower crown is delicate and oh-so beautiful and that dress looks lovely on you. I hope a fancy schmancy event pops up in your calendar soon so you can show it off – though cleaning the apartment in it is totally chic as well. 🙂

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    Maddie, thank you so much! I love the way you paired it! You are so cute! I hope we can stay in touch forever. And I really cannot tell you how happy I am! You made my week! <3


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    I love floral crowns, how nice of Antonia to make you one! I love what you paired it with too, it’s great wedding inspiration!

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    Amy of Sew Well

    How fun!

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    Beautiful! I can confirm that internet friends rule though I don’t have many I email on a regular basis. The crown is such an ethereal look. I agree, dressed up works best. 🙂

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    carrie elias

    This is too sweet! You look adorable Maddie ♡

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