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How I Wore It: My Halloween Costume

I may be able to whip up anything – you name it and I can sew it – but when it comes to Halloween, a chance for seamstresses to put their best and wildest stitches to use, I usually pass. I’m a bonafide workaholic. No joke. Except for the one Halloween I dressed up as a nurse (it was my freshman year of college), I have traded in celebrating All Hallow’s Eve for working. While my friend’s went from house to house with a pillowcase full of candy slung over their back, I hunched over a textbook or a sewing machine, working on an upcoming test, assignment, project, or ruffly dress. This year was different though and I decided to dress up. No rhyme or reason to it. And my costume is no Obama or Lady Gaga – I put my brain into this costume. I’m Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds.

On Saturday, I posted a tutorial on how I created the hat portion of my costume as well as the inspiration behind it. Today, I show you how I will wear my costume one week from today. I give myself mad props – I don’t think anyone will outdo me.

The dress is vintage – I don’t know how, where or when it appeared in my wardrobe – and the shoes are booties by Steve Madden that I’ve worn to death (pun intended). If this is the only time I will dress up – who knows if I’ll be in the same creative mood a year from now – I am definitely going to do it right dammit.


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    This is spectacular! You look so rad

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    Great costume, Maddie!

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    Jackie Saffert

    I love this costume! And the hat is just amazing. I have yet to finalize my Halloween costume but I’m thinking a Mad Men character or Jess from New Girl.

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    carrie elias

    I am right there with you……hoping to finally dress up this year too! Thanks for the inspiration……The Birds is an awesome movie…….and you are a genious…..being a character in a classic horror movie…..love it!

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    Heather Lou

    YAY for Halloween! Looks super glam and goth and perfect Madalynn!

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    What a cool costume! It’s safe to say that no one will be outdoing you this year. It makes me wish I was dressing up for Halloween this year.

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    Love your costume, I would award you first prize. Very creative!

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    Neeno - Sew Me Love


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    Neeno - Sew Me Love

    .. and your bedroom is beautiful!!!!

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    How lovely! Looks like a glamourous Halloween for you.

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    So rad! I was Tipi for Halloween two years ago. My husband was Norman Bates as Mother, and we dressed our daughter (7 mos at the time) as Alfred Hitchcock.

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    Becky Stets

    Fancy girl. I worked really hard on my costume last year, then it snowed 6″ for our Halloween party and that kinda killed my Halloween spirit it seems. Still have to come up with a costume for this year! Not feeling into it!

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    You look fabulous! Black is really dramatic on you. This was the coolest idea.

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    Meg the Grand

    Black is fantastic on you – positively striking! Your costume is marvelous, like you 🙂

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    Kat Sultanie

    Awesome costume! Love the hat.

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    Fabulous!! What a classy and cool costume!

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    Sally Ann

    That is so great. THe hat is the best part!

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    i loved The Birds AND this costume!!

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