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How I Wore It: Overalls

Oona wanted an outfit picture so Oona is going to get an outfit picture!

Two weeks ago, I had a moment. It was a moment where I was stopped dead in my tracks and thought, “Oh, I want that!” I can only describe it as a Cher Horowitz type of moment – while coming to the realization that she likes her half-brother Josh (does anyone else think that’s freaky?), she sees a dress in a store’s front window and thinks, “Oh, I wonder if they have that in my size?” I wasn’t on some shi-shi California street when this thought came about, I wasn’t even wearing my prettiest garb. I was on the elliptical, sweating, and wearing my workout clothes when the girl running on the treadmill in front of me was flipping through a magazine and had stopped on a page that had images of overalls. Seeing it, I jumped off the elliptical, right then and there, and went on a hunt for my own pair.

And I found my own pair – a white pair of overalls from Anthropologie. I was so in love with the look that I bought another pair since that post, a denim pair, and this is what I’m showing you today. The tee and statement next that I bought to go with the white overalls also goes with the denim overalls. It’s very J. Crew. Very high-low. I wear it to work and I wear it on a lazy Sunday. It’s my go to outfit as I shift my wardrobe from summer to fall.


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    Ruffles Gazebo

    ah the look gorgeous on you! very cute but very chic at the same time! I have a shorts pair, but your making me think i want some long ones two! they look great with heels….hmmmm!

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    sewing princess

    you look great! love the photo! where did you get those lovely shoes?

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      The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. Super comfortable! I bought them last year at Urban and the cost was well worth it!

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    Love this outfit. So cool.

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    Oh, this brings back memeories… I bought my first overall in the 6th grade, they were super wide, but that was the trend back then. And then my Dad brought a pair from his first trip to USA. It was a big deal, and though overalls were not the trend anymore, I still wore them, because they were from the US. I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for overalls to be back, but you got me thinking.

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    Adorable. The necklace kills!

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    super cute, i LOVE the red shoes with them.

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    Good Exposure

    YES! I’ve been looking for a good way to wear overalls for sometime now.

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    tianna @ suffocated bliss

    I’ve honestly wanted to try the whole overall things for a while now. I’ve been apprehensive because I don’t want to look like clone of myself from 2nd grade. – This is great inspiration though.

    – tianna 🙂

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      It can be done! Overalls can be worn in a chic way!

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    Those overalls look great on you! I love them paired with those bright red heels!

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    omg- I lived in overalls in the 70’s. we had to distress them ourselves and I had cool – now “retro” flowers that I embroidered all around the holes. Bring these back!

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    Amanda Russell

    Only you could make overalls look so chic! I remember when they were “cool” back in the 90’s – but they were baggier then, and I like them much better with your cute red shoes 😉

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    christine haynes

    super cute!!! absolutely high/low and done well 🙂

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    Great way to pull off overalls. Those shoes are fab!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    You pull off the look so well!

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    Those shoes are awesome! Which Jeffrey Campbell shoes are those?

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      They’re from last season (summer I think?). I bought them at Urban and they are super comfy and have lasted me many days and nights!

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    I really love overalls, and you wear it brilliantly! The shoes add a bit of glamor!

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    Meg the Grand

    OMG. You 100% rock this look!! I love it so very very much. Bravo on making everyone reading want overalls for sure, especially with some fabulous red shoes 🙂

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      It’s a hard look to pull off and it took lots of thought but I agree, I think I did it!

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    those look so cute! i really want to wear overalls, but probably couldn’t pull them off like you do 🙂 xo!

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    well well WELL, missy, i did indeed want to see this… and it’s confirmed, i’m just as jealous as i suspected i might be. frothing at the mouth is on the forecast for the white reveal.

    wait till you see the rainbow colored jumper i made in an effort to appease my lust. the horror…

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      a rainbow colored jumpsuit? Now this I must see!

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        christine haynes

        OMG. me too!!!!!

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    Marisa Noelle

    Never in a million years could I look half as good in a pair of overalls (I absolutely love them though)- but geez Madalynne, you look like a million bucks here! The little red shoes and necklace are such a perfect finish. I’m like a kid in the candy at that Anthropologie on Walnut in Philly 🙂

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    I am supremely jealous of your overall-wearing abilities – you look amazing!

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    Haha, you’re totally pulling these off! I wouldn’t wear overalls myself– too many memories of being picked up and lifted off the ground by my overalls by boys when I was a youngun– but you totally made ’em work! Good on ya!

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    Jackie Saffert

    Woah. Never have I ever seen someone actually pull off overalls. But you did, with flying colors, and I am very impressed. Also, your room is just ridiculously adorable and cozy and I love it!

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    Bekuh Browning

    You are beyond adorable. I love this outfit so much and your room looks magical. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog now.

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    Lori Trimble

    you left the sweetest comment on my guest post at HLL. thank you! can’t wait to start following your blog. love the ovies and you’re super adorbs 🙂

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    Gosh, you pull off overalls better than I pull off a fancy cocktail dress. You are so beautiful!!!!

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    Maddie! this is one of my favorite outfits of yours thus far. LOVE it.

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    These are the coolest and perfect with the shoes!

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    Brittany Rouille

    1. I LOVE that moment in Clueless

    2. Now you just made me want to go hunt for a white pair of overalls to give my denim ones a friend

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