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How I Wore It Part 2: Overalls

Oona wanted an outfit pictures of my denim overalls and I gave her those photos and then Oona  wanted pictures of my white overalls. So again, I’m giving it to her…

As I wrote in my last post, I had a moment about a month ago. It was a moment where I was stopped dead in my tracks and thought, “Oh, I want that!” I described the moment using Cher Horowitz.  When Cher finally came to the realization that she likes her half-brother Josh (I know they’re not blood related but that’s kind of weird), she sees a dress in a store’s front window and thinks, “Oh, I wonder if they have that in my size?” My moment didn’t occur on a shi-shi California street and I definitely wasn’t wearing my prettiest garb. I was on the elliptical and was wearing my workout clothes when the girl running on the treadmill in front of me was flipping through a magazine and had stopped on a page that had images of overalls. As soon as I saw it, I jumped off the elliptical, right then and there, and went on a hunt for my own pair.

And I found my own pair – a white pair of overalls from Anthropologie. I paired it with an H&M tee and statement that was also from Anthropologie. To top off the entire look, I wore dark brown lipstick. The hot pink lipstick trend has been getting a little old.

The look is very fashion forward but I think I can pull it off because I have put so much thought into the outfit. Also, the ensemble will shift very well from summer to fall/winter – instead of wearing open toe wedges as I do now, I’ll wear booties when the weather changes.

On the fence as to which overalls I like better. The denim overalls or the white overalls? Although the denim look is fashion forward just like the white look, the denim look is a little more down to earth, don’t you think? And that’s how I like to think of myself – down to earth and not so snobby shi-shi.


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    Graebelle Campbell

    We love the white Overalls and the way you styled them. Definitely a great transition to fall. Besides, summer is still frolicking for a few more weeks.

    Xx the Sunkissed sisters

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    I think you look more stylish wearing white denim!

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    The white ones are more stylish but I still like the denim (I’m kind of a country girl).

    Totally unrelated, but I love your bed! It actually looks a lot like mine. Mine is a very old heavy, cast-iron bed painted white.

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      My bed is definitely not old and is definitely not cast iron. IKEA baby; That’s where it came from. My apartment building has teeny tiny hallways (it’s a Row Home) and the only way I was going to get furniture in my apartment was if the furniture was flat packed.

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    Clare Mountain

    Awesome Maddie – you are rocking those overalls! I like how you’ve styled them, especially with those shoes.

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      it always comes down to the shoes!

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    Hmm, I like them both! And your hair here looks so pretty! 🙂

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    I really like these white ones 🙂

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    Antoinette Perez

    Super-cute. I like them both.

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    Love! So cute. 🙂

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    I think I like the slouchy denim look, because it takes a work clothes staple and gives it a feminine feeling. And in this outfit you have the striped shirt (another look borrowed from men’s work wear) but the white overalls and the great necklace give it an elegant feeling.

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    Jackie Saffert

    You should do a tutorial on how to rock overalls. Like I said when you wore the denim pair, I never would have thought someone could make overalls look so stylish! I personally like the white the best, but you’re right, the denim is more down to earth. Also, your necklace is super pretty, too!

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    Cute! I like both the looks, but I do really like that the white overalls have a different cut at the top that makes them a bit more dressy and unexpected.

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    Such a cute outfit. It shows you put thought into it because it’s just perfect. I like both overalls. The white ones seem more dressy and the denim ones more casual.
    Lovely as always Maddie.

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    oh, you don’t look snobby at all… it’s fresh and pretty with a slight bite. I LOVE IT. and thanks for giving me what i wantz again. i must have the photos, you see, becuase i’m not pulling off overalls on my bod. not for lack of trying, either.

    (and it’s completly weird that cher ends up with her half bro. i yell at the screen every time.)

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    the Garment Farmer

    These definitely aren’t your average overalls. They are gorgeous. You could totally dress them up with a colored silk blouse underneath. beautiful!! and I’m liking what you’ve done with your hair here lovely lady 🙂

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    oooh, dark brown lipstick! i just painted my nails dark brown… kind of 90’s-ish, i guess 😛 i do love the overalls on you… again, you pull them off wonderfully! x

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    I love the white overalls. You dress them up or down so well!

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    Christina Crooks

    Ohhh, I was waiting to see how these looked when you blogged about purchasing them. They have a great feminine shape. I hate that saying about wearing white after Labor Day. White is perfect, any day. However, I do love the classic and simplicity of the denim overalls. They’re so American.

    I was jealous when I heard you went to Florida recently. I would have chosen home in Florida over Hawaii to be honest!

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    Amy @ Sew Well

    I’ve had very little time to keep up with my blog reader lately, but I had to click over here today to tell you hello. I’ve missed you and your style!

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    Cute outfit! I like it a lot– very fresh! I’m pretty sure Paul Rudd was her stepbro, no? Still weird, but not AS weird…

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    I think I like the neckline on the white overalls better. Very inspiring though, I’d love to make a pair of 40s inspired overalls!

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    Marisa Noelle

    Oh my Madalynne, I’ve never seen such a perfect pair of overalls. I really loved the last ones, but the white are my favorite! I really love how you styled them with the mint shoes, striped top, and red necklace as well. Perfection 🙂

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    Blue Eyed Night Owl

    Beautiful! I’ve never ever seen any overalls like this before. I have to go look for some now though!


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