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How i Wore It: Vintage Nightgown and Bodysuit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhow I wore it - the details

Other than vacuuming while wearing a wedding dress and drinking wine (like I admitted to doing), do you ever play dress up? I use the word play loosely because it’s not so much about playing, it’s more about just feeling good about yourself. Life sometimes gets in the way of looking pretty during the week and on the weekends, all Β you want to do it paint your nails, blow dry your hair, and just put on a damn good outfit. Me too! I’ll be the first one to admit that vintage can be hard to wear without looking like you’re straight out of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and that’s why I reserved this outfit to the confines of my apartment – Chateau Madalynne. These pieces, a vintage nightgown and a lace body suit, are from my favorite sponsors this month – Back In Style and Ines Perpina. Back In Style is a vintage store based out of South Florida and they have loaned clothes to me for some of my photo shoots. They have an online shop full of awesome vintage pieces for very reasonable prices. Ines PerpinaΒ is an Etsy shop based out of The Netherlands with handmade bras, undies, and bodysuits. Bodysuits have been on Amy and my mind recently so when I found Ines and her shop while browsing Etsy, I had to introduce myself and see if we could collaborate in some way. She even has a velvet bra!

So one Saturday, when I had a particular rough week, I blow dried my hair, did my nails, and spent the afternoon dilly-dallying around my apartment wearing this. It was ridiculous but just what I needed. Oona might say that the only thing missing is a drink in my hand, preferably wine, but I think the only thing missing is a duster and kitten heels (with little pom poms too!). Oooh, how French – how absurd!



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    Carlee McTavish

    Those shoes on the Life mag are so great!

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      Thank you. It was a project I made when I was an intern for Urban Outfitters. Where I work now.

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    Emily Baker

    so cute. and your bedroom!!! i want!

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    Oh so pretty!

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    for this i’d go with some sherry.

    i tried to comment on your wedding gown post but disqus won’t play with me on my tablet! :(. so i’ll just comment sans account. i think i’ve mentioned before my penchant for headbands (bunny ears, devil horns…). dress up makes the day better!

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      Bunny ears? Okay, that would be even more absurd than cleaning in a wedding gown. I’m totes going to do it!

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    It’s so beautiful. The perfect vintage piece!

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    Carrie Elias

    Sounds like a lovely afternoon! And I totally agree.

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    Rebekuh Browning

    Adorable. I’m so glad you did a little something for yourself this weekend. You’re so very french my dear.

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    Meagan Murtagh

    dreamy photos!

    xo the egg out west.

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    The power clothes have to make us feel better always amazes me. Very pretty!

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    Maggie Smith

    So lovely!

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    Such an adorable nightie, very girlie! I agree the only thing missing are some furry kitten heeled mules!

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    I love all of these shots so much! And that nightgown is to die for πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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    Hey this looks to be a very sexy sassy chiffon vintage nightie, and I love it

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    Also even though I’m a male [middle age] I have this love of chiffon vintage nighties [a fetish U could say] I don’t consider myself a X-dresser,. As I was saying with love of theses chiffon vintage nighties at the moment of writing this I have on a fabulous 3 layer chiffon babydoll type nightie and peignoir,I will describe it; The nightie has a white inner chiffon layer,and 2 mauve outer layers of chiffon, with a very sexy bow in the front with two long white nylon -just under half inch wide- ribbons to the hem, and 2 bows in mauve either side again nice and long ribbons which I love [ to play with] and the peignoir is; two layers of mauve and white chiffon, with 2 long ribbons either side to bring the peignoir together.
    I love wearing this particular chiffon nightie with the 5 layers of delicate chiffon and the long nylon/silky ribbons, [to play with, as I am,at this moment of writing this] It just feels like one is in heaven, and its really nice outside on a warm windy day, with all the ribbons blowing around in the breeze its feels very sexy wearing this nightie and peignoir I love it.

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