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How To Give Lingerie

how to give lingerie

As a bonafide lingerie lover, I adore the idea of bras and undies as presents. For my boss’s daughter’s confirmation, I wrapped up two Noelle bras – metallic and velvet – put them in a square black box and tied a white ribbon around. I hope that was okay for a religious event. Whoops if it wasn’t! Because I do what I do, it is understandable that I give lacy, velvet-y underthings as a thank you, welcome back, Santa’s coming, he broke your heart. For others who don’t do this as a living –are there rules for how to give lingerie? Who can give what? What’s appropriate? Are there no-no’s?

Family Members:

There’s nothing more nostalgic that the memory of carton underoos under the Christmas tree. Nostalgic like TBS’s 24-hour rerun of The Christmas Story on Christmas Day. In my opinion, it’s A-okay to give lingerie for Christmas except for one case. If it’s something that is meant for his or her eyes only, spare everyone else the awkwardness and give it in private. This should be common sense, but my dad has given my step mom a La Perla set in front of us children. Come on dad! Yuck!


If there is ever a time when a friend is in need of a boost, literally, it’s after a break up. While I have not given a bra or a panty (or both) to a newly single gal pal post heartbreak, I think it’s a cute idea. Next time a dude ends things with one of my friends, she’s definitely getting a set, from Madalynne or not. It’s a surefire sign that unlike her ex, our relationship is for the long haul.

For friends who haven’t just experience a break up, I still think it’s okay to give lingerie as long as it’s cute and unique, not va-va voom sexy. A soft bra or bralette with comfy cozy socks, nail polish, candle or whatnot is a different gift to give. Not the norm. Sure, it’s girly, but so what? Put some pink and white polka dot tissue paper and make it ultra femme. While you’re at it, Instagram it up #girlpower


Not cool.


I’m referring to boxers, briefs and manthongs. Manthongs are always a no. Gawwwd no! Boxers and briefs are acceptable if he’s your significant, brother, or really good guy friend (that you also have a crush on). If you do give a guy “man lingerie”, do it up nice. Hit up Ralph Lauren, J. Crew or the like.

how to give lingerie how to give lingerie how to give lingerie


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    I’m currently 9 months pregnant and recently I was lamenting to a girlfriend about how much underwear I have gone through as part of this experience- I’ll spare you the details- and how ready I was for new undies once baby was here. For my shower present, and completely unexpectedly, she gifted me with several new pairs which I LOVED! It was so thoughtful and also it was a little bit of luxury meant just for me; what a perfect way to cap off this whole pregnancy experience after what my body has been through. (Important to note: I didn’t have one of those showers where I opened presents in front of all my family and friends.) I think you should add post-baby lingerie gifting to your list as well 🙂

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      Oh that’s a great idea! What a thoughtful gift and friend indeed. And kudos to you for opening the presents in private 🙂

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      Hannah Mallery

      That is so sweet! I’m also 9 months along, and have to say, one of the things I’m looking forward to about birth is being able to wear pretty underthings again (eventually!).

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        Congrats on your little one!

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    When I went away to college, my aunt gave me 2 night gowns, 2 sets of bras + 2 panties, and 1/2 dozen pairs of stockings (with stretch lace tops). Did you notice the recurring 2’s? That’s because half of all the items were pretty plain and the other half weren’t! Over 50 years later I can still remember the colors and styles and the pure loveliness and I luxury of that gift.

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      Proof that lingerie is a timeless gift!

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    Hannah Mallery

    When it comes to sewing “lingerie” for men, Thread Theory has a very nice looking pattern for men’s trunk briefs. I had just stocked up my husband on nice underwear before I found it, but sometime I’d like to try making him a couple pairs in a nice bamboo or organic cotton. 🙂

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      Ooo that would be so soft!

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    Emili Day

    I like to gift my husband a couple pairs of Comox boxer briefs from the pattern by Thread Theory. They fit nicely and I like to make them in fun prints or use pink thread or something. My son just turned 10 and I think the smallest size will fit him now. I don’t give anyone else undies, but maybe I should…

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