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How To Grade Undies

Undies, as you can tell, have been on my mind lately. I completed my first pair of Ohhh Lulu High Waisted Undies about two weeks ago and because I loved the flow of the project – pattern alterations were easy and the entire project could be completed in a day – I have decided to give this category of sewing a little more of what I’ve got. After reading all of your recommendations on lingerie sewing and pattern making books, I have made a list of potential books to buy. I’m also researching tips and tricks online as they are a little more current and modern (some of the books I found on Amazon were 10+ years old).


One fact I found during my hunt was the amount undies grade. It’s a fact you don’t necessarily NEED to know but it’s a good one to keep in your memory. What caught me about the way undies grades is the body width, which is 1″. That’s more than I would have initially guessed. Because undies are alpha sized – XS, S, M, L, XL – I would have assumed that the body width of undies grade 1/2″ (if a pair of undies were to be sized numerically – 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 – I would have guessed 1/4″ body width grade). But I can reason FOR this grade. T-shirts are more loose fitting than undies, which are like a second skin. Because of this, I can see why undies have a larger grade.


If you’re a critical thinker like I am, what’s even more interesting about this grade is the body length grade. The rise on a pair of pants – let’s say a pair of sleep pant that is also alpha-sized – grades 3/4″ for front rise and 3/4″ for back rise. But on an undie, front and back body length, which is essentially the rise, grade a TOTAL of 3/4.”


All are interesting facts… but I take it to be true.


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    Marisa Noelle

    This is definitely something I’ve never considered…ha! You should totally open up your own shop where you give sewing lessons, classes and such. There’s so much I don’t know, but wish I did when it comes to this kind thing!

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    Great post. Very informative and only strengthens my desire to dive into lingerie design and sewing.

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    This is interesting. It seems like underwear fits so differently depending on style and brand. I’d love to try making it some day.

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    Jennifer Gunn

    How much would you grade children undies?

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