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How To Organize Your Wardrobe Part 3

Building a wardrobe that works everyday, weekday and weekend, and that works for all occasions, dress up and dress down, is hard to accomplish. I’ve written about this subject here and here but try as I may, I still have days where I get to work and think, “Maddie, what the hell are you wearing?”

The last time I wrote about this subject, a reader suggested that I make my clothes more visible. It was a good point that I never considered before. Although my blouses and dresses are fully visible hanging in my closet, my pants, knits, and sweaters are folded into drawers or stuffed into various cubbies around my apartment (because knits and sweaters should not be hung – they will grow). A lot of times, a pair of pants, a t-shirt, or a sweater gets lost in the piles of clothing and is forgotten until I spring, summer, fall, and winter clean.

So I decided to give her (the reader’s) tip a try, I decided to make my clothes more visible. Over Memorial Day weekend, I salvaged a wooden plant rack and folded my pants, knits, and sweaters onto the rack’s three shelves. My pants, knits, and sweaters are out and visible, I can see every piece, and are no longer hidden in drawers or cubbies. And it has helped a lot! Even though I have made some other changes to the way I get dressed – I plan my outfit for the following day the night before and I organize my closet at the beginning of each season – this is another tool to help me be a better (and chicer) dresser everyday.


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    I love this idea- when we invest so much time, energy and money into beautiful garments they are often hidden away and awesome items don’t get worn. If epic hats can be on display, why not lovely knits!

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    Ahhhh I love this post! I wish I could keep my clothes this organized!

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    I really need to dive in my closet and put it in order.  I love the idea of putting everything out where you can see it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been looking for something and have no idea where it is.  Is it in a drawer?  on a hanger? in a pile on the floor (most likely)? 

    I also can’t tell you how often I forget about items I already have.  If I could easily see them, they’d get out of the closet (and into my outfits) more often.

    Great post  🙂

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    that plant rack is awesome!!  Good idea Maddie.  I have the same problem with my clothes that are in drawers… as such, all my jeans are in a pile on the floor 🙁  Might be time to keep my eye out for a bookshelf to replace my dresser!

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      A bookshelf would work just as well! I predict a trip to IKEA in your near future!

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    That plant rack is a nice solution, Maddie!

    Unfortunately, living in a very dusty area (Sonoran Desert), it wouldn’t be very practical here. A layer of dust accumulates daily. Like pots on an open rack, each piece would have to be washed before wearing it.

    Closed storage is the only option in this climate.


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      I never would have thought about dust. I’m highly allergic to dust (as well as everything else in this world except milk) so that wouldn’t work for me either. Please let me know if you come up with any “wardrobe” solutions of your own.

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    Great idea!  I just got a wardrobe system with lots of baskets inside instead of drawers or shelves, so hopefully things will be more visible and organized!  I did manage to go through all my clothes prior to the move and give away everything that I don’t regularly wear, so I already feel a little more sane!  

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      When I was reorganizing, I threw away a lot of my clothes. Although I didn’t want to part with many, it felt so refreshing to edit my wardrobe down to 3 racks and a closet.

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    Kat Sultanie

    That is a very clever tip from your reader! I have so many clothes that I forget I own because they are hiding in drawers. I packed away everything that I have grown out of so far while being pregnant and during that I found so many items I had totally forgotten about.

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    Elizabeth Pearson

    I’m so doing this. I have a plant rack out back that isn’t being used properly. Now to only convince the hubby of the ingenious idea…Thanks Maddie! 

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    Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

    I’ve been doing the opposite thing, lately I’ve been putting a lot of clothes in storage, leaving behind a small collection of clothes in the wardrobe, that way I’m forced to be creative with my limited wardrobe. 

    After about a month or so I will then store what I have currently back in storage and bring out another small collection into my wardrobe. I’ve been doing this for four months now, so far so good. 

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      That’s exactly what I did! What you see on the 3 racks and in my closet are what I edited from numerous drawers and piles of clothing. Isn’t it such a relief to look through less clothing?

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    Carrie Elias

    I totally do this too and it works great for me!  The only things I keep in drawers are sweats, PJs, knickers, socks and my workout clothes…..although I must say your way of organizing is much prettier <3

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    Sky Turtle

    I also have a similar problem, I can’t see my clothes well. I like your idea but I would just end up with a big pile on the floor. 

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    Nikki | The Ginger Diaries

    It’s defo a great tip! I like my clothing behind doors so I don’t actually have to look at the messy piles all day, haha! x

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    I love the idea of a rack! Unfortunately, my apartment is not big enough for it. I’ve bought lots of MUJI acrylic storage boxes instead: the clothes is see through and sort of more visible 🙂 

     I also try to plan my outfit for the next day but, especially in summer, this strategy does not work. The summer here is very hot, humid (80%-100% humidity) and therefore sticky. So when I come out to the balcony in the morning to check out the weather, I end up jumping into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt instead of something more pretty planned the day before ;(

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    oh, what fun! i love the way that they are exposed! once we move into our new place i can’t wait to get organized 😉
    xo TJ

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    You have such a beautiful blog Maddie, I like how your clothes are visible, I wish I could do something similar with my shoes, I have them in plastic containers but it makes it so hard to see them and taking pictures of every pair just seems so tedious. Anyway, I love the idea of being able to see all your clothes before you make a choice on what to wear.

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    Chrystina Noel

    This is a really interesting idea.  I’m currently on the look for a “dresser” but I wasn’t 100% set on that – this is definitely an interesting way to think outside the box.  Now the question is where to get a cool rack like that…

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