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I’m Guest Posting!

You thought it Matchy Matchy was over and done with. Finite. Well, you thunk wrong (no, I am not grammatically incorrect). She has one last horrah and it’s on a Violet’s blog, Blythe Ponytail Parades.

Violet is a wonderful blogger. Seriously. She has a knack for photography that is unparalleled with anyone her age. Our blogs don’t have much in common, mine being a sewing blog and her’s being a lifestyle blog, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t up for a guest post. I can write about anything, that’s for damn sure. So while she’s in Japan photographing a wedding (cue drooling in jealousy), I’m writing about Matchy Matchy and the struggles I faced, and OVERCAME while working on her. She was a bitch in all sense of the word.

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    You are too cute! It was awesome having you featured!!!

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