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In News Unrelated to Sewing: Rocksbox Review + Coupon


I know this is a sewing blog and I know jewelry is unrelated, but unless you’re one super talented human being and make both your clothing and your jewelry, then it’s my guess that you purchase your baubles. That or you inherited pieces, or your significant other gave them to you, or you traded one of your kidneys… you get my gist. Today’s post is not about sewing, it’s about jewelry, and I telling you about Rocksbox because I use their service and really, really like it.

What is Rocksbox? It’s is a jewelry rental service – fill out a style profile and receive 3 pieces of jewelry. Each set is mailed to you, and free shipping is provided both ways. Although it’s a monthly service, you can return the pieces as often as you like to get a new set. If you like an item, you can purchase 20% off the retail price. Also, you can request pieces via a wishlist or on their Instagram. Since Instagram is my jam, it’s really convenient for me to “choose” the pieces I want.

I have a set of earrings and 2 rings that I wear daily. They were my mother’s and they’re classic pieces that go with everything. But I wanted to add some variety, so I signed up for the service, which is $19.00 a month. I’ve received two boxes so far and each set did not feel plastic-y or cheap. The second box is what you see above and had a Juliet + Co necklace, Wanderlust + Co earrings and a House of Harlow bracelet. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cuff (not pictured), but wore the necklace and earrings several times a week. It takes a good design for me to swap out my mom’s earring for a different style.

You probably knew this was coming – all Madalynne readers receive their first month free with the code madalynnexoxo . Really, I’m not trying to sell you something. Just really like the service and wanted to share. Obviously, Basil likes them too because he was getting all up in my business when I was taking photos! Trouble maker!

rocksbox-madalynne-2rocksbox-madalynne-4 rocksbox-madalynne-3


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    Carrie Laurence

    I have been curious about this service for a while, your recommendation + a month free was enough to convince me. I signed up last night, and they selected and shipped my first box today! They also included one of the items from my wishlist in this first box, which proves they really do consider our feedback. I Can’t wait for it to arrive, thank you for the free month offer!

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      I hope you enjoy the service as much as I have!

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