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Inspiring Quotes (Sewing and Non Sewing Related)

What She Said And Other Inspiring Words

When life gets frustrating, like when you sew a wrong side to a right side or when you interface the wrong pattern piece (okay, there might be other worse that are non sewing related), I recite tried-and-true affirmations. Some may be cheesy and some may be deep but all of them are kept in my repertoire as weapons against negativity, chaos, and down times. Common, what better response can you come up with when life throws you a curve ball – “I’d pair boucle with chambray any day!”

What affirmations are quotes keep you running and in check?


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    Carlee McTavish

    Love it! I just try to think, “In five years, will this matter?” If my answer is no (usually) then I don’t let it bug me.

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    Lorie~Ferndale Lane

    Great quotes! My favorite you have listed is the one by Malcolm Gladwell. When things aren’t going great in my life I always tell myself “Things could be so much worse!!!” and I completely snap out of it!

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    My Mom always had me ask myself “What’s the worst that could happen?” whenever I was wracked with worry or doubt. It always helps! Because A) your imaginary worst outcome rarely ever happens and B) picturing your imaginary worst outcome makes it seem so much smaller and manageable than just an undefined fear! Not necessarily a sewing affirmation – but a great life one!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Yes! Another one along the same lines as you – “what we fear the most will most likely never happen. Because we fear them so much, we do everything possible to keep them from becoming a reality!”

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    Love the quote about the pockets. Thank you!

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    Those are some good ones! I’d pair chambray with a lot of things! There are some great Coco Chanel quotes…

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    those are awesome

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    Alessa Farbenfreude

    πŸ˜€ Love the pockets quote!
    I’m bad with quotes but when in doubt, I smile/grin at myself in the mirror for about 30 secs. Makes me light up any time. πŸ™‚

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