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The life of a Parisian is alluring and it’s why the movie Sabrina is a tough choice not to make. I don’t really care about the skinny women who live there – it’s the culture that sucks me in. Have you ever seen the movie Midnight In Paris? It’s a korny Woody Allen movie but it hits my point well. To be in a city that was home to many artist is cool. It’s the same feeling I got when I viewed an actual Monet rather than one in a book. This is the feeling I got when I came across Fiona’s blog, Paris Hues. She lives and blogs about her life in Paris and when we moved past the commenting-on-each-others-blogs relationship status, I couldn’t help but ask her if I could interview her. She accepted and today, she writes about her blog, what she dreamed of when she was little, and whether post quality or post quantity is more important.

Q: Brief explanation of you and your blog?
A: Hi ! I am Fiona, late rather than early thirties, of English, Italian, French origin and until now, have spent all of my adult life living in different places accross the globe. I have now been living between Paris and my beach house in the South West of France for the last 4 years. This blog is a way of sharing everything in my life that I find beautiful, intriguing and tasty. A way of passing on out of the ordinary topics and experiences that constitute an ordinary day.

Q: What did you dream of when you were little?
A: When I was a kid, I dreamt and read and drew of a fantasy world of magic and beauty and many different cultures. As a child, I continuously noticed little things around me, the smaller the more noticeable. I am still the same today, I dream and don’t always pay attention when I have to but my imagination is a world of its own that I escape to to very often.

Q: If your style was a person or a place, who or where would it be?
A: My own style is such a mixture. I have traveled a lot so all these beautiful cultures I have experienced all go into my own style. From surfer, outdoor, Native American, Indian to Parisian high heeled chic! Now I like classics and timeless basics, from womens’ and mens’ fashion. I guess you would class it more as preppy. Parisian preppy. So my style would be Great Gatsby with a sporty touch.


Q: What are your thoughts on copying? Is it okay to copy another fashion designer or blogger? In your opinion, is copying just another word for inspiration?
A: I do not agree with copying word for word, image for image, or style for style. It is someone else’s work we are taking and in that sense, it’s like stealing a little piece of them. What I do agree with is inspiration. I get this every day. From a person’s outfit in the street, a great dish I tasted in a brasserie, a style of writing that would sometimes suit my mood – all that is inspiration. I am not imitating, I am being inspired, nourished by all these things and people. Little bits of everything make up what we are, right ?

Q: If there was a golden rule for blogging, what would it be?
A: BE YOURSELF. No two ways about it. Your personality will come through the more you let your own style seep through your blog design, posts, pictures and topics.

Q: Choose one – post quality or post quantity? 
A: I was totally into quantity when I started but that is exhausting. As any blogger will know, holding a blog is a big job. Now, I have just focused on maybe 4 times a week at the most. It also gives my readers time to anticipate, search my history and it doesn’t flood them with too much info.

Q: Who was your Valentine?
A: My Valentine is my son Tom, who is 6 years-old and has lived many adventures with me so far in his short but brave life. I hope we continue to share this sense of vitality for many many years to come. I love you Tom xxx


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    Dawn Olsen

    Thanks for the great interview! I’ll be heading over there now to check out her site. I loved the last few questions; I struggled with my own blog when I first started. I was more wrapped up in what others shared, and I was left thinking, “Should I be doing the same thing?” I focused on numbers and followers, rather than being myself. It left me confused, and I nearly stopped blogging. But after realizing that my blog is for me and me only, and that if others want to read it, fantastic, I am much happier. After all, I made it for myself, and being myself does not include cultivating daily lists of “pretty things.” And what she said about her son is so sweet. It sounds like they make a good team.

    And “Midnight in Paris”? I just watched that this past summer! My friend Ty loves that movie (and Fitzgerald in general). I’m not a huge fan of Owen Wilson, but I love The Lost Generation. Have you ever read “A Moveable Feast”? It’s Ernest Hemingway’s “fictional” memoir about that same time period.

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    What a fun new blog, I adore anything about Paris! Thanks for the introduction!

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    How fascinating! I feel like this has to be a sign. right? right. I am loving the ‘art and culture’ section of her blog, the sights are so beautiful. Great interview!

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    What a lovely discovery! Paris yes yes and yes. Thanks for sharing, Fiona and Maddie. I love eclectic blogs with personality and presence… you both have that in common ;).

    Oh but I thought Midnight in Paris was classy! Great actors playing against type. I’ve seen every WA movie except two and this one was such a fun poem. (Ok, my little Woody Allen nerd just came out.)

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