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Jasmine’s Swimsuit Class


Two weeks ago, I taught the lovely Jasmine how to make a swimsuit. Our lesson was supposed to be a workshop, but unfortunately, only one person (Jasmine) signed up. I was a little bummed and tried not to take it personally. I was so excited for the class and thought for sure it would be easy to get students to sign up. Not the case. Luckily, Jasmine was still eager to take the class and I was still eager to teach it, so we turned it into a 1-on-1 session. I’m really glad we did because we had a fantastic afternoon. Let me tell you, her swimsuit turned out close to perfect. Like f**cking fantastic. Excuse my cursing, but excellent sewing definitely warrants profanity. We were so thrilled that we had to have an impromptu photoshoot. HAD TO. Doesn’t she look hot, hot, hot?! She sure is stunner in her me-made. Ow ow! 

Anyways, Jasmine is here today to share her experience. For those of you who can’t make it to a workshop, I want to let you know that 1-on-1’s are available and tell you what it entails. They’re just as fun as the classes. Promise.

Also, I’d love to hear your feedback on why you think the swimsuit class didn’t fill up. Too late in the season? The style of the bikini? I want to host another next year (maybe at the beginning of the summer?) so please share your comments, positive or negative.

“Saturday, August 20, was Madalynne’s first swimsuit class and I had the pleasure of having her all to myself! Sometime last year, I became an instant fan of Madalynne, her collection and her blog. I fell in love with her Noelle Bra and from there, my little love affair began (meaning I stalked her just a little lol). I have always wanted to take the bra making class, but never had the opportunity. When I received the E-blast for the swimsuit class, I JUMPED ON IT! I was not going to miss this opportunity!

So about me having her all to myself. I was the only person to sign up; I do not see how you all were not interested! Of course, I was not going to turn down an 1-on-1 opportunity to learn from the woman who I stalked for almost a year. Oh, I didn’t mention that I am from Baltimore, MD, which isn’t far, but required a 2 hour drive in the early morning. I’m so not an early bird, but it was worth it!

At the start of the class, we introduced ourselves. Maddie is wonder woman in the industry and she also happens to be a personal stylist at my favorite clothing store, Anthropologie. That’s when I knew I was going to love, love Maddie! If you haven’t been to Anthropologie, just go and enjoy the smell and window shop like I do!

Okay, back to the topic of discussion! Maddie went through my personalized instructions, talked about fabric selections and preferences, print placements, trims and types of stitches in bra and swimsuits. At this point, I asked all the questions I could think of. From there, we jumped right into cutting the pattern and making my swimsuit. Throughout the day, we talked and got to know each other a little more personally, ate lunch, talked and sewed some more.

Fast forward to the finished product. At the end of class, my piece was complete and almost perfect. I have been sewing some of my own clothes since 2012, but I’ve just gotten into bra/swimwear making. We were both amazed by the beautiful pattern and how good it looked, that I had to try it on. This swimsuit looked so good that Maddie decided to take photos of me wearing it. I am not a model, but I was not afraid to hop in front of the camera!

The day was absolutely AMAZING! With that being said, I would like to say for those who considered signing up but didn’t, be the first to sign up next time! YOU CANNOT MISS THIS CLASS!

Thank you so much Maddie for the experience, your time and being so open with me! I cannot wait to see you again!

-Jasmine (LuckyLucy)” 



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    seamsalright Joyce

    Wow. Looks fantastic. Great photographs. Nice job, both of you. I’m sure the beginning of the season will be better. I’m in Canada …would have to get up pretty early too, ha ha… Lucky for you to have the one on one experience. Enjoy your new swimming suit and the memories that will last forever.

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    Jasmine’s swimsuit looks amazing! I think it’s fantastic that you managed what was a disappointing sign up into a great class for Jasmine.
    I think your class was very late in the season. But I also think people may have been a little hesitant because whilst you show so much of your own sewn lingerie, we haven’t seen much swimwear from you. And the swimsuit you did show us was posted not long before the class. I know that I need quite a while to plan things like a class where travel is involved. Maybe others would have signed up if they knew exactly what the class entailed earlier.

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      Thanks for your input Kate! Really appreciate your honesty.

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    You are right! Jasmine’s bikini is terrific and fits her like a dream. As to why more people did not show up dor the class, did you charge them anyway? Get your fee up front. If people have paid for the class, they will not want to waste the money and are more likely to show up. That being said, I am not sure you want to deal with people who are so fickle and unfocused.

    I don’t know if you have the equipment, but you might want want to check out interactive or tutorial style online classes as an alternative to in person classes. It might be worth your time. I don’t know where you live, but, people outside your area are more likely to sign up for online classes. Pre class preparation is probably more involved, but I believe more focused students will attend.

    I am sorry your sewing class was not up to expectations. The other people’s loss was definitely Jasmine’s gain, as I would be willing to bet that she now has a good grsp of the do’s and don’t’s of bathing suit construction firmly in her head.

    Don’t be too bummed out about this first time out. You obviously are a great teacher. A few precautions to eliminate non serious students from future endeavours is in order.
    Best of luck.

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      Great suggestions. Online classes are a great resource for me, and I’ve definitely looked into and considered it.

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    This looks like it was so fun! I wish I could’ve gone, I love the style of the suit and the print. If I had to guess, I’d say that bra making workshops are easier to fill up because they’re a more practical, every day piece. You don’t get nearly as much use from swimwear, so shelling out the money to make a bra seems more justifiable. I’d agree with the online tutorial comment, because at present I couldn’t afford either workshop, but if I did have the disposable funds I would be more likely to sign up for something more practical.

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    Hoopes Park Studios (@HoopesParkArt)

    Hey Maddie! I was psyched about the swimsuit class, but it was a little late in the season and I was in the middle of moving to Pittsburgh. I absolutely love the fabric print though- I’d buy it to make apparel from if it was in rayon or cotton or something similar. The other concern I had was that I have a DD bust and wasn’t sure if the style would work for me. I hope you host this again next year, I’d definitely consider attending.

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      Moving? That sounds exciting! Hope it well well for you. I appreciate the honest feedback and hope you can make it next year.

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    I think too late in the season would have been a factor. Also (for me) I would want to pay for a class that included underwires and hooks, to ensure I felt like I got the most out of it? But then I was in London and are now in New Zealand, so couldn’t have if I wanted to (which I do!)

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