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Did You Know?

Just a tidbit of information for you on this Monday. It’s not too much nor too little. In my opinion, it’s just the right amount, the perfect dose.

Did you know that the side seams on jeans are shifted forward about ½”? Yes, those sly jeans companies push those seams that hang at our sides slightly forward to make the us look smaller. It’s an illusion and tricks the eye into making us look just a wee but littler. You can see it if you lay a pair of jeans flat. See in the picture above how the side seams roll to the front of the pant? Cool, huh? I knew you’d like it.

And since we’re on the subject of jeans, here are a few of my favorites…

High-rised, skinny, and the perfect shade of blue, these jeans will surely look splendid on both you and I

Patterned jeans are the new blue jeans, click here and see for yourself

These jeans are the lovliest shade of pink

Any boot cut pair of jeans, including this pair, are always and forever a classic

No matter how hard I try, I always end up wearing these boyfriend jeans every Sunday


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    Sewing Princess

    Very interesting! I am a bootcut lady…could never pull off skinny jeans!

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      I can pull off skinny jeans but I hate when clothes are too tight everywhere. I have to have some comfort. If I’m not in boot-cut, then I’m in boyfriend or straight. They’re flattering on any body type.

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    oh wow… i never noticed the seams on my jeans… good catch!

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      It’s just another little tidbit I think everyone should know

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    this is fascinating. now i’ll never be sad when my side seam is not exactly on the side!

    ae downtown hipster jeans were my favorite, alas, they are a dead line…

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      You’re so right, it’s a great way to cover a mistake!

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    Rochelle New

    That is interesting! I pretty much live in skirts and dresses now. I think I only own two pairs of jeans… I’m not really a pants kind of gal unless I have to be. Yay pantsless!! Haha 🙂

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      I love pants, but dresses have my wary just as they do for you. I always feel my prettiest in a dress 🙂

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      Dresses have my heart*
      Damn autocorrect

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    Love, Carrie

    Cool info….I so love my skinny jeans <3

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      You’re lucky you can pull them off!

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    I have a pattern drafting book that drafts pants that way… it’s interesting! (she goes on to explain why not having the side seams slightly forward is more of a european cut… I’ll have to dig it out again.) And I have those exact same boyfriend jeans… so comfy! they have ripped so much I can’t wear them any more 🙁

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      I have yet to see this in a textbook. Please do share when you find the book!

      In my opinion, the more ripped the jeans, the better. Like leather, jeans age beautifully.

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    This is exactly what I learned a few years ago, and notice on every pair of fav jeans! It makes total sense. And let’s face it, my booty is bigger than my thigh, so a little more fabric goes a long way.

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      It’s a tricky trick but totally makes sense!

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    I need to know more tricks like this.

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