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Katie of A Girl Named Katie

Another day, another blogger…

Like I wrote in yesterday’s post, I love “meeting” readers and other bloggers. Through subsequent emails back and forth, we chit chat (usually in way more than 140 characters) about the every things, somethings, and nothings. But when I meet a blogger or a reader who lives close to me, one that doesn’t live an ocean or a continent away, the excitement is tenfold. Such was the case when I came across Katie Lineaweaver’s site A Girl Named Katie and blog Love is Why I wake. Snooping through each and every one of her pages, I discovered that Katie started a small collection of bags her first semester of college at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. The bags were such a hit (this one is my favorite) that she left school to pursue her dream. Not only did she live a short car ride away (Katie – we will do lunch one day. I promise!) but we shared a similar history. I too left school (gasp!) to start the journey to attaining my dream job. I’m still on my way (I have a pretty cool job, click here to see) but Katie is already there and is such an inspiration to me. She creates her OWN creations every and every single day. There is no better feeling than that. So please welcome Katie as she explains how negligee can and should be worn during the day, with a few alterations of course.

After her tutorial, please be sure to check out her website and blog. Just as Megan Eckman of Studio MME yesterday, I know you will love her just as much as I.

Don’t judge me if I wear my night gown as a casual outfit and don’t believe a single thing is wrong with it.

Put your eyebrow down and allow me to explain. I love, love, love how delicate and feminine vintage lingerie is. Frankly I feel very pretty wearing it. And why should I settle for just being pretty in my bedroom? Well, I’m not settling, and neither should you. That is why I am here to defeat the myth that you can’t wear a night gown as a day dress. But before you throw a pair of heels on and run out in your skimmies, perhaps you should line your transparent beauty to keep your sexy classy.

Below is a crochet bodice night gown I scored at a local thrift shop in my size. It is a light weight cotton lycra nightie in a baby pink. I knew from the moment I plucked it from the rack that it had potential to be an adorable day dress with some simple alterations and a lining.

A few things you will need:
Matching lining fabric, I used about a yard of pink cotton lawn
Matching thread and other basic sewing essentials

First things first, I got down to business by removing the ruffle hem which screamed NIGHTIE! I flattened out the “dress” on the floor and cut straight across the bottom and got rid of the beast! After wearing it as a scarf for a short while, of course. That is a step you can chose to skip…just the scarf wearing part, unless you found a nightie that has an acceptable hem.

I then pinned my raw edge and double roll hemmed it at a 1/2 inch.

Once it was hemmed I laid out the dress over my lining fabric and pinned it in place to use as a pattern for the lining pieces. I folded down the bodice part because I did not want to line the lace bodice. I cut around the dress allowing a 1/2 inch allowance. I hemmed the dress prior to cutting out the lining so when I hem the lining it will be slightly shorter than the dress and not be seen.

After the lining was cut out I sewed the side seams a 5/8 inch and then hemmed the lining at 1/2 inch, just like I did before.

I then pinned the lining into the dress where the bodice pieces met the skirt starting at the arms allowing an inch of fabric to be folded under. I pinned the rest of the lining in straight across the bodice. I then went back and trimmed the excess fabric off around the lace and back bodice pieces still allowing an inch to be turned under.

I folded under the allowance and hand stitched the lining into the dress using a whip stitch along the serger edge of the existent seam to hide my stitches.

And then the dress is complete. Geesh, that was easy! Visit my blog Love Is Why I Wake to see how I wore it.

When I am not fixing up my nighties and other lingerie bits I make handmade bags and accessories which I sell on Etsy and my official website
I hope you will stop by and take a look!

Have a lovely day!
a girl named katie.

P.S. You are going to look fabulous in your new dress.


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    you make me feel like a lazy sob.. I just go home aftere working out, plan a wedding and fall into bed exhausted… 🙁

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      It’s all about planning. The more I plan, the more free time I have.

      P.S. you are not a slob

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    Love, Carrie

    Love that photo of her…..and this post was a joy to read as always!

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    A fun re-fashion! I have quite a few “nightgowns” that just became dresses.

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      I’m guilty of same, many many times…

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    Great refashion! Thanks for sharing the tutorial =D

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