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I’m so excited to write this post and share it with you.

I’m a big Internet peruser (Internet surfer is too harsh of a word). After a day’s work, I lie in bed with a cup of Quaker oatmeal (plain flavor with a dab of honey) and peruse blog after blog and site after site. I begin on one site and somehow, after clicking numerous sidebars (they’re very addicting), my bedtime has passed, way passed. It’s a phenomenon I swear every night I won’t do yet somehow do. But my addictive perusing was stopped one night when I stumbled upon an amazing vintage shop, The Greedy Seagull. It’s an Etsy shop that sells high quality clothing and accessories from the 1940s through the 1980s. A 1950s bias cut blue nightgown, a 1950s unworn cardigan with green scalloped edges and embroidered pink roses, and a 1960s jacquard maxi coat (my absolute favorite) are just some of the wares stocking this online store. I was so smitten with the store that I just had to ask the owner of such an awesome shop for an interview. She, Giana Stanigar, kindly and quickly (she’s very prompt!) agreed. Here are her words…

Tell me briefly about yourself – where you live, your family, etc.
Hi, I’m Giana Stanigar and I’m the owner of The Greedy Seagull, Inc. I was born and raised in sunny Southern California in a big loud Italian/ Armenian family. My mother is a batty artist type so I grew up completely surround by crazy things and people; stacks of mismatched china, reupholstered chairs and cabinets full of vintage fabric. Oh, and two obnoxious siblings who are now my best friends!

I moved to NYC almost five years ago with my boyfriend who’s now my husband. I built my business up while working a full time job and when I got laid off for the second time I launched my side hustle into a career.

What do you love best about vintage clothing?
I will never get sick of collecting vintage clothing because I see and learn something new every day. I am constantly amazed by the craftsmanship and variety in vintage fashion. It could be a piece of 20’s beadwork, a complicated and flawless 40’s bias cut, the feel of a 50’s silk faille… it holds my attention in a way that modern garments most often do not. In the last twenty years, fashion hasn’t changed much in spite of how much everything else has. There’s variety and innovation in old clothing that designers rarely match these days; perhaps that’s why so many of them source vintage garments for inspiration!

How do you go about collecting vintage clothing?
I travel to all ends of the earth to find clothing. I get in my car super early and will drive up to 400 miles in one day to haul things home. Whenever I travel, I pack an empty duffle into my carry-on luggage. I love outdoor flea markets and dusty old antique malls but my favorite place to go is into rich old ladies’ closets! Most of the things in my shop have traveled a good distance to get there. My favorite thing, however, is sending them off to their new final home where they will be loved again.

And just for fun, simply answer the questions with whatever comes to your mind and with no reservations…

Pink or blue? Hot pink please!

Hard top or convertible? Hard top in NYC, convertible when visiting Miami.

French toast or pancakes? French toast, yum!

Hat or headband? Hat. Headbands are only acceptable at the gym or when you’re 5.

Fake or real Christmas tree? Real Christmas tree, they smell amazing.

Italian or sushi? Italian if it’s my Nonna’s cooking, otherwise sushi.

Pearls or diamonds? Diamonds. Big ones.

Ruffles or lace? Lace – always sexy and doesn’t make me look fluffy.

Action or romantic comedy? Action, but please let it be Tarantino.

Cary Grant or Paul Newman? Can I have both? Is that appropriate to say?

See, isn’t she fabulous? I knew you would love, love, love her. Please check out her store (click here) to enjoy some eye candy or make a purchase. I promise you will absolutely and positively love it as much as I do 🙂

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