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Update! Lace Fabric + Bra Kit Giveway from Arte Crafts


Update: In addition to 3 yards of teal lace, Natasha is offering:

-1/2 yard medium weight power net
-1 fat quarter non stretch lining (for cups and bridge)
-1 yard of 1/2″ strap elastic and 1/2″ gold rings and sliders
-1 yard of 5/8″ strap elastic and white 5/8″ rings and sliders
-3 yards 1/2″ finishing elastic
-2 yards 3/4″ band elastic
-1 two hook closure
-1 three hook closure

That’s enough to make 2 lace bras! If you haven’t entered the contest, which first went live this Monday, April 8, you can now by liking Madalynne and Arte Crafts on Facebook and leaving a comment below stating your contact information and method of entry. If you already entered, get an additional entry by sharing this post on your Facebook or Instagram (tag @mmadalynne)

A winner will be chosen on Monday, April 20, when he or she will be notified and featured on this blog. Last, contest is open internationally. Good luck!

Guess what?! The Facebook group Natasha and I started in February – Bra Making Forum – reached 500 members! Woot woot! We are thrilled with the way the group has evolved. Questions, comments and links are posted daily and the women are not afraid to speak up. I have learned so much from what others are making. As a thank you, Natasha is offering one reader 3 yards of the teal lace (pictured above). I can testify to its quality. I used it to make my first Watson (unblogged) as well as this thong. It’s a double scallop, galloon stretch lace. The color is white with hints of aqua, teal and green and it’s 5 1/2″ wide. You can see more photos here. Point blank – it’s divine!

We’re making contest entry as easy as possible. To enter, LIKE Madalynne and Arte Crafts on Facebook. After, leave a comment below stating your contact information and method of entry. A winner will be chosen on Monday, April 20, when he or she will be notified and featured on this blog. Last, contest is open internationally. Good luck!

Haven’t heard about the bra making forum? Want to learn more or possible join? Read all about it here!

*All Madalynne readers receive a 10% discount at Arte Crafts with the code Madalynne10. Valid through the end of April*


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    Natasha Estrada

    I’m thinking I’m feeling a little more generous than 3 yards. I’ll PM you Maddie with more details.

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    I’ve liked both pages! My email is attached to this comment (I think…hope!).

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    I’ve liked, the lace is so beautiful. My email is maggie.cawthorn@kendal.ac.uk. Fingers crossed.

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    I’ve also liked both pages and love the lace. My email is gumboots70@gmail.com

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    I already ‘liked’ you and have now liked Arte Crafts. This reply links to my contact details. I follow you on Bloglovin which is why I found out about this. I’d love to win the lace – it looks gorgeous. I haven’t yet started bra making but am sorely tempted.

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    Genya Kulakov

    I love the Bra making forum!

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    That fabric is so beautiful! I liked your facebook pages 🙂

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    Jenna Tamminga

    Had a mosey on facebook, and liked both pages 🙂 Email address should be attached 🙂

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    I liked Arte Crafts on FB (I’ve previously already liked Madelynne). Contact is dee.durrant@yahoo.co.uk

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    The bra making forum is one of the highlights of my Facebook feed! I’d love to make something out of this gorgeous lace, I think Natasha’s range is beautiful but have exhausted my sewing budget for the next couple of months (mostly in creating lingerie!). But boy are her selections tempting!

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    Ally and Woozle

    Oh thank you for this giveaway! I like both pages as Ally Woozle and my email is attached to this comment ^_^Wish me luck. Bisous

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      Good luck!

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    Amanda Werner

    I liked both pages. I’m loving the group on facebook!

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    Liked/loved both pages :). Been selling rtw bras for years…making my own is something I dream of doing!


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    This lace is lovely! Love the teal/blue accents and 3 yards would even be plenty for a skirt! I already like your page on FB, but liking Arte Crafts now as well. Thanks for the giveaway, fingers crossed!

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    Andie L.

    Oh that lace is lovely. I think it’d make a perfect “something blue” for my wedding. 🙂

    Email: andrea . leathley (at) gmail . com

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    christa defazio

    Love the lace!

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    Liked you both! Thank you for a great giveaway!

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    I love the beautiful lace. Email: bpatricia74@yahoo.com

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    Am following both on FB. That is beautiful lace!

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    Alexandra Ragland

    I’ve been following your blog via feedly and liked y’all both on FB. 🙂 The bra making forum is a great resource! Thank y’all!

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    Megan Carter

    Love all the products in your store Natasha! Will be ordering again soon! Liked both pages….fingers crossed, that is beautiful lace!! My email is megancarter123@hotmail.com

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    Kirsten HansenKirsten

    definitely great to have all these people to ask for help and advice, not to mention seeing all the amazing things being made and getting tips from others!

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    Lisa W.

    I’ve liked both pages. Thanks for the giveaway. my email is lisami72@gmail.com, and I follow your blog using feedly.

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    Tina Butler

    Thank you ladies for the wonderful Facebook group. I haven’t been a member long but I’m so glad to have such a great resource. I’ll be checking out Arte Crafts products and reading through your blog. Good luck to all of us!

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    Rachelle Smith

    This lace is so beautiful! I “like” both pages on Facebook. Found you on Instagram.


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    Aimee Ortega

    Hey, I liked both pages and my contact info is aimee . ortega @ colostate . edu (sans spaces!)

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    Ali Benko

    I love the bra-making forum! I’m new to bra-making and its so helpful for me to see other people ask and answer questions, because often there are things asked that I haven’t considered and it suddenly things click
    my email is sewingwithpurpose@gmail.com

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    Cassandra Kranz

    Liked both pages!!

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    Sue Scott

    I have been reading your site for a while now – I like the bras you make – they are pretty and serviceable – the best combination. As I need an underwire I appreciate particularly those you show. The white and teal lace is lovely and falls into colors I love and that love me! I liked both facebook pages.
    Thank you,

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    Kiera Schwegler

    I love the Bra Making group! I’ve learned so much from it already. I’ve liked you as well as Arte Crafts on Facebook. I would love this lace!

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    I’ve liked you and Arte Crafts on FB. Seeing this contest is a funny coincidence! I was just looking at Arte Crafts etsy store for bra making supplies! Bra making is a new obsession of mine!

    Email: ccs . headley (at) gmail . com

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    V Reed

    Oh gosh! Gorgeous! I saw this in the bra making forum and couldn’t believe how generous you were! Then I saw it again here. Bingo! Liked you all.

    email – firewife (at) gmail.com

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    I’ve already been the lucky winner of Maddie’s beautiful photography prints, so I’m not officially entering this giveaway. Just wanted to mention that I have also used ArteCrafts’ wide stretch lace trim (see what I did with it here: http://mybratelier.com/2015/04/10/size-matters-when-thongs-go-wrong/), and it’s really top-quality, as are all Natasha’s bra-making materials. Good luck, everyone!

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      Pam jones


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        Thank you, Pam! : )

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      Love the title of your post! Haha…

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    Both liked, chloe@deadlymite.com. gorgeous lace!

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    Both have been liked! Such gorgeous lace!! My contact is titaniaem (at) gmail.com

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    Pam Jones

    I have been eyeing lace on your shop for some time but am waiting until I have a better fit. It is too beautiful to take apart or give away.

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    Marlys Cocozzoli

    Like both blogs and Facebook pages. The Bra Making Forum is so informative. Thanks for starting it.

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    Thank you! Naomi. 🙂

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    Gorgeous lace!! I like you both on FB! Fingers crossed!

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    Thanks for hosting the give away, and running the page. It’s an amazing resource with lots of people willing to answer questions.
    Like both pages. ladyangela @ Hotmail . Ca

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    Brandy Mahnken

    I liked both pages, thank you for the great giveaway.

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    Liked both pages, the lace looks lovely! michelleb.318@gmail.com

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    Both pages liked! It’s wonderful to know of another place to get bra notions and that lace is absolutely gorgeous.

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    That lace is gorgeous! thank you for the giveaway. julianne.toh@gmail.com

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    Shannon Snyder

    I already liked your Facebook page and now I like Arte Crafts too 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! shamelessleigh@gmail.com

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    Rachel Booth

    I already liked your Facebook page and now liked Arte Crafts too! Thanks for the chance to win… I am always inspired by your sewing! Mrsrachelsbooth@gmail.com

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    Michelle Ryman

    I’ve liked both fb pages.

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    Suzanne Alise

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! I just learned about the Bra Making Forum and happily joined! I liked both Facebook pages. 🙂 My email is suzyalise /at/ gmail /dot/ com

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    Thanks for the giveaway. I liked both pages on FB. I read your blog and Natasha’s Etsy shop is one of my favorites:)

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    I’ve added my two likes – great pages! dicremer@gmail.com

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    Liked both fb pages. Best of luck with everything to both you and Natasha 🙂

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    Kelly Criss

    I’ve liked both pages and shared the Facebook link as well. My contact info is kcriss76@gmail.com thanks.

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    cheryl pawelczyk

    Liked both FB pages. Thank you for creating fb pages and the blog. It has truly been very helpful. Good luck to you both. My contact info is: cheryl491@aol.com

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    I’ve liked both pages and would love to make my very first homemade bra! Contact info: johannah.berger@gmail.com

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    I liked both pages and joined the FB bra making group- there can never be enough info on making bras!

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      contact info verykerryberry (at) gmail dot com

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    Jenora Cadieux

    Liked the facebook pages!

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    Ummm ME!! I can’t ever have enough bra-making goodness in my life 😉 And, dammit, you’ve found a way to suck me back into FB because I must have bra forum access 🙂

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      Natasha Estrada

      We can give you a super secret alias

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    Elvina Yong

    Liked both Facebook pages! The lace looks amazing! Yong.elvina (at) gmail.com

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    Rebecca Pelletier

    I’ve liked both pages. Would love to try bra making.

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    Emily Breedlove

    Liked both pages! Beginning bra maker, love your tips! ebreedlove@omorecollege.edu

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    Rebecca Pelletier

    Btw my face book name is Brooke Meghan 🙂

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    I liked both pages. I love the forum and learn a lot.Thank you!

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    Shiloh G.

    Liked both Facebook pages, my email is attached to the comment form.
    Going to join the forum:-)

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    Caroline Hazlewood

    Liked both facebook pages. My name is Caroline. Contact me at personaldesignbras@gmail.com

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    I’ve liked both pages; would love to win this beautiful package for my first handmade bra. Contact info: debralynn1213@yahoo.com. Thank you 🙂

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    Danielle Bilder

    I liked both facebook pages! I have been pining to make my own bra but I’m too nervous! Some free supplies would really take the pressure off and be the kick in the butt I need 🙂


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    I liked both of the Facebook pages. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! I have very much enjoyed being able to participate in the Bra Makers Facebook group so thank you for that too!
    My email is: emmabeaty95@gmail.com

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    Liked both pages

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    I liked both pages and my e-mail is yolawatz @gmail.com

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    Alison Price

    I’ve liked and shared both fb pages. What a great giveaway – love your blog by the way

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    I like both pages, I’ve been looking for some good bra making supplies so this was very helpful!

    My name is Jen and my email is archwags@gmail.com

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    Basya Spiliakos

    Thank you, Madalynne and Natasha, for the contest. I liked both pages. I noted my contact information in the appropriate field:)

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    Amelia Larson

    I have liked both Facebook pages and my contact information is in the details required to post a comment. Pick me, pick me! I’m working on fitting a couple patterns and then I’ll be ready to make bras out of nicer fabric. And I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the forum. Thank you so much for starting it, it’s so inspiring and encouraging; just the push I needed to stop dreaming and start sewing!

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    Liked both facebook pages – thanks for the giveaway

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    Two pages I should have liked anyway? Done! Congratulations to whoever wins. If it’s me, I’m at the email address below.

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    Liked both of your pages. Love the bra forum! Hope I win these gorgeous supplies!

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    Justine Kenny

    Hi. Have liked both fb pages. Thankyou for running the giveaway, fingers crossed!!

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    Helen Åkerman

    What a generous giveaway! Thank you!
    I liked both your pages yesterday and tried to post here as well, but was having troubles and now I can´t see my comment, so I´ll try again 🙂
    I´m one of the happy users of the bra making forum. Good idea and well performed!

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    I’ve always followed you on fb and just followed the other fb page. I can most easily be reached at carleeandrea (dot) smith (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!!!:)

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    Cristina Obaya

    WOW this giveaway is amazing!! Only a sewing/fabric addicted can understand it! Lot of designs are dancing in my mind! Thanks Maddie for every one of your posts, your work is amazing. You push me to keep me going in the world of sewing. It’s amazing how you transform the pain of your soul in creativity, in beauty…in love. Finally, thanks Natasha for all that you offered in this giveaway. You fb page is so good! Now I’m following you. Love and stitches for both of you! Cristina

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    I liked both Facebook pages! This is so exciting! I would love to make my first bra and I think having this kit would help me feel less intimidated. Thanks for this opportunity! You can contact me at penrose.pamela@gmail.com

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    Katie // Handmade Threads

    I liked both Facebook pages! So much awesomeness in one package! My email is katiejacocks@gmail.com

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    Liked both your Facebook pages! Thank you! email address is: afouliard@live.com

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    I liked both pages! fun giveaway!

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    Liked both on Facebook. I am so excited to find you!

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    I liked both pages. Awesome giveaway! Email is meri (dot) burruss (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I like both pages on FB. This would be so great to make my first bra! Email: renee(dot)wingfield(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I liked both pages. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

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    I liked both FB pages! My contact information is s.m.marquez92@gmail.com.

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    I liked your fb. Awesome contest.

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    auschick in va

    Liked both pages!

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    Kate In The Clouds

    I already ‘like’ – LOVE – both pages on Facebook! Thanks for this generous opportunity. My contact info is inglis.kate8@gmail.com

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    josie grant

    liked both pages!

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    Liked both fb pages, contact info is sewingdreams(at)web.de

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    Michelle E

    Good Morning! I “liked” both FB pages… also am hoping to be accepted into your bra making group. I am so interested in making my own bras, but every time I attempt to source the fabric and findings I discover that all kits are sold out. 🙁 I will NOT give up, though… due to my bra size a Watson won’t work… I do have the Marlborough pattern that I am so anxious to make.

    Wishing everyone luck!
    Michelle E.

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    I liked both Facebook pages. So exciting! Thank you!

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    I liked both FB pages! mvallen@email.com

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    Laura Blaustein

    I’ve added both likes. Where I live (rural Wales) is very limited with sewing supplies and I haven’t felt confident enough to order online, so this would definitely be the kick start I need!

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    Thanks for a chance.

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