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What’s on My Sewing Table: The Little Project That Could

wearable muslin 2 (1 of 1)

You’ve had one of these projects, I know you have. Try as you might, whatever you’re making doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned, not even the second attempt. Yes, every project ends differently than what what you originally planned, but this type of project isn’t a good departure from the itinerary. I posted about my first attempt at Simplicity 7456 here, and how I wasn’t happy with it and I was going to try again. The fit wasn’t off a lot, but it was off enough to make the outfit not wearable or flattering. Well, I tried again, and me still don’t like (grammatically correct?). The picture is black and white, but it’s a red top and short set made with 100% wool with an antique lace bib top applied. It also has contrast topstitching. I’ve always wanted a head to toe red outfit and I thought this pattern would be perfect for it. Unfortunately, the fabric was not the right choice. The wool is too lightweight for what I was going for. I’m not giving up though and I will keep trying. Why? Because I believe in this project. I know that with the right fabric and fit, this outfit would cause a stir. So onto numero tres I go… (does anyone know how to say good luck in Spanish?)

wearable muslin 2 (1 of)


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    Natalie Webb

    Hey girl, i think i know what kind of vibe you were going for folk/prairie/ 60s70s mash up, its super cute, i think it would look spot on with shorter tunic and shorts, applique on short hem and omit the topstitching for the bib to pop more, 3rd times a charm ^¤^

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I agree! I the shorts should be shorter to make it modern. Thanks for the callouts.

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    Buena suerte 😉

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    At first I didn’t understand why you weren’t happy with this fabric choice. It looks super cute! But I realize you probably want something that can hold that cute swing silhouette without folds. Well, you’re very close. I also bet that you may decide later that this set wasn’t so bad after all. That’s what sometimes happens to me when I have one of these projects that I just can’t seem to nail. (One of my such projects turned out to be one of my most popular designs- the William hoodie!)

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    Natasha Estrada

    I have nothing to say other than to suggest this video with a tongue in cheek.

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    Wow girl, that’s true commitment! Buena suerte!

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    Buena suerte!

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    Amanda Russell

    I completely sympathize with a project not being what you’ve envisioned; the more experience I get, the closer I come each time but it’s never quite what I thought it would be 🙂 That said, even though your project isn’t what you hoped it would be, you still look cute as a button in it 🙂 I know third time will be a charm for you!

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    Jessica Abbott

    Maybe it is just the photos – but I think this projects looks so cool! The lace overlay on the front is fabulous!

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    Sorry to hear the project did not turn out as envisioned but you can always 1) give it away to a friend; 2) sell on Etsy and give money to a charity; 3) keep until the time you decide to do something else with it. I only regret that the photos are not in coulour :-/

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