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Little Yellow Couch Podcast: Listen Now!


Just a quick post today to let you know that I was recently featured on the blog Little Yellow Couch in their Style Matters podcast. In it, Zandra and Karen ask me loads of questions about my personal style – why I like fashion and why cultivating an unique look and vision is meaningful to me. They also asked me about my “why not” moments – the times when I decided to try something after letting go of any preconceived and self-imposed rules, norms or standards. That experience where I threw all caution to the wind and said, “hey, why not?”

So, if you have a spare 20-minutes, hop on over to their site and listen!

Side note – it is super weird to hear yourself talk?! Just saying.

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    Hey, I just finished listening to your podcast and it reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to comment for a while. Thank you for releasing mallory lane with us petite ladies in mind. Often I read about the plus size struggle but our struggle on the other end of the spectrum is real too! It can be so frustrating trying to find appropriate rtw adult clothes for smaller frames.

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