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A Small Milestone

how to sew a bra

It’s a small milestone, but a milestone that means a lot to me. Last week, I was scrolling through the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne and saw that there were over 500 images uploaded. Hot diggity dog – that’s incredible!

I created that hashtag just before my first bra workshop. It was 73 weeks ago. January 2015. The first image was taken with no anticipation that it would grow into what it is today – a gallery of women who have contributed to a shared, intimate cause – making our own lingerie.

Teaching has become the most fulfilling thing in my life. I remember walking to the King’s Cross Station after the second workshop with The New Craft House on a high. I loved being able to watch those women succeed. To come in knowing nothing, or very little about bra making and to leave with the courage and knowledge to make their own. I gave them something, something no one else had given them. Also, the look on student’s faces when they get it right – I can feel their sheer excitement when they finish. With every upload to that hashtag, their enthusiasm seeps through they caption. It’s contagious. Infectious. Just as satisfying is seeing the progress student’s make over time. I give them the alphabet, but they are the ones who write their own stories.

London Recap (Fabric Shopping Details)


Last week, I hopped on a plane and crossed the Atlantic for the second time in my 28 year existence. Alone, I traversed the city of London for a week, first teaching two back-to-back bra workshops and then stomping around the city. I never traveled when I was younger. My mom’s spine collapsed when I was just a teenager – breast cancer ate her bones. She had metal rods holding her up, and thus, couldn’t sit for long periods of time. So a long plane ride was out of the question. It was 10 years after she passed away that I made my first international jaunt – Paris stole my heart last July. Swoon. That trip taught me the importance of traveling. It really does feed your soul. On my last day in the UK, I was on the platform at the Hammersmith waiting for my train back to the Victoria station when I texted my dad this, which sums of how I feel about traveling: “You realize how big the world is. On the contrary, you realize how small you are in the world.” If you’re hesitating to travel for whatever reason, stop right now. Just do it! Oh geese… I just made Nike reference.