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Looking for The Perfect Match? It’s Black + White


Wearing matching lingerie isn’t essential, nor do I think it’s realistic 100% of the time. In certain cases, mixing and matching intimates is more practical. Certain blouses require a certain bra and certain pants require a certain pair of panties. The likelihood that both will match is slim. That doesn’t mean mixing and matching has to look like it doesn’t “go”. No, no, no. As Meg and MJ of Honest Twenty One show, it can look great! They’re both wearing the Nina Set in different colors and dang, do they look great. The key to achieving a well mix and matched look? Similar textures, colors and silhouettes help, but a good fit is most important. 

With the new year just a few days away, shooting Meg and MJ got me thinking about refreshing lingerie. The thought of a complete overhaul to your lingerie drawer could be overwhelming. I get it, but you don’t have throw away and replace.single.piece. Think about adding some coordinating pieces (ahem, The Nine Panty) that “go” with the ones you already own. 

I’ll be back in January for more refresh chatter. In the meantime, keep up the mixing and matching! 

mix-match mix-match-5 mix-match-4 mix-match-3 mix-match-2mix-and-match-16

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