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Madalynne Book Update

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Remember the book I told you I was writing? You know, the one that compiles the Portrait of a Seamstress interviews with patternmaking tutorials and inspirational and comical commentary on the sewing world. A few months after I revealed the project, I wanted to give you an update so that you knew it was still in the works and hasn’t been thrown away. So, what’s the status? It’s finished! All one hundred plus pages are now written, photographed and drawn. It was an amazing feeling to put the finishing touches on it, and it is fun to look at where it started and where it ended. It definitely evolved into something I never imagined.

The next step is publishing and I’m teetering back and forth between self publishing and going through a publisher (sorry for the redundancy; I hate using the same word in one sentence). Self publishing used to connote that a book wasn’t good or worthy enough to be picked up by a major book house, but that’s not the case today and in many instances, the payoff is greater. Amy sent me great article that proves this. Thanks Amy! But the mission of my book is to inspire both sewer and non sewer and to spread the world about our community to a wide audience, and to reach that amount of people, I need the help of someone else. Although I like to think of myself as superwoman, large bust and all, I have only do so much. I’ve have contacted a couple literary agents and have sent proposals to several publishers, but no decisions have been made. I’ve slowly started to realize that writing a book is easy, finding a publisher is the hard part. One thing I learned from Tilly’s story is that publishing takes time.

So that’s where I am. What are your thoughts on self publishing versus publishing with a major book house? Does anyone have any recommendations for publishers or agents?


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    Hi Maddie, I’m so excited for you and you’re raising a very important question about either going through a publisher or self-publishing. Having read a couple of books on creative writing, I find these two areas are often mentioned at the end of those books but not in great details. I just had a look on Amazon and there seems to be a couple of books with very good rating on the topic of self-publishing. Perhaps you may find reading one of them useful if you want to go down that road? Wishing you all the best on your journey towards publishing, your book is aesthetically stunning!

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      Thanks David!

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    Kendall Mines-Melchior

    Hi Maddie, I worked in publishing for many years. Drop me a line or give me a call and I can share a lot of info that I think would be helpful to you.

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      What’s your email and/or phone number? I’d love to jump on a call with you! If you’re more comfortable emailing me with your information, send a message to Maddie964@aol.com

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    wow congrats maddie!

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    This is awesome! Huge congrats on finishing the book!! My hubs is a write of sorts and has been debating the same publishing conundrum – I’m interested to see what you decide! It’s a tough one! Best! 🙂

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    Meris (Fabric Alchemist)

    I cannot wait to read this book. Congrats!

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    Sarai Mitnick

    As someone who has done both, I think it really depends on your goals (and your resources). Both approaches have merit. Drop me a line if you want to hear some of my pros and cons!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Sarai, I’d love to get your input! I’ll reach out to you very soon.

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    Mary Danielson

    Hi, Maddie! Congratulations on finishing your book. That is such a huge accomplishment!

    I’m a writer who is in the process of going both routes – traditional and self-publishing. There are quite a few resources available to you, if you do decide to traditionally publish, but there are two that were invaluable to me as a newbie writer. Absolute Write is a forum for writers of all ilks, with plenty of been-there-done-that members who can answer your questions. Publishers Marketplace is the other I’d recommend – it’s an industry news site, which will help streamline your process of looking for a literary agent, if you do go that route. It’s a subscription service, but worth every penny. If you’d like to talk about these resources, finding a literary agent, book proposals, or other industry things, let me know! I’d be happy to talk shop with you.

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      Mary, thank you for the resources. I’d love to drop you a line and chat about options. What is your contact information? If you’re not comfortable sharing in the comments, my email is Maddie964@aol.com

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    Congrats Maddie! So much hard work. I have no doubt you’d be able to find an agent and a direction. Publishing is definitely a learning process, but you have a strong focus!

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    Latrice Smith

    Hi Maddie, I am little late to the convo. Congrats on finishing your book. I am only slightly familiar with self-publishing. I used Blurb to create my own photography book. I think the quality is nice.

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    Jennifer, Workroom Social

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!! It’s going to be great!

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    Brittany Rouille

    What an inspiration! I actually attempted reaching out to publishers through the Publisher’s Marketplace but never went through with paying for the subscription, which I believe is where I went wrong. I never heard back from the publishers whose information I was able to access and so I gave up all too quickly. Currently, I am in the process of mustering up the courage to reach out and re-pitch my book and will be moving forward with my subscription to Publisher’s Marketplace. I will let you know that I learn along the way that may be of use to you! Best of the best always :). B

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